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Karma Genetics Strain Info, Listings, And all........

Karma G

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Ayo! The karma genetics shop xmas drop descriptions read a bit like generic commercial AI generated text. I mean there is still the info we need but it seems very padded by chatgpt 😅 I don't mind too much but I always thought part of the karma genetics brand was no marketing glitter added to it and by growers for growers.

Maybe it's because i work on llms that I cringe, I wonder what other ppl think.

I love the brand, got stickers all over my grow room and rosin press. Still running the same Josh D clones I selected from a pack a year ago, growing then in 40L each session.
You where right. I just asked him.

I just read it. Told him dont like that.

He going to change it.

Thanks 🤣👍✌️

Karma G

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Zowahh x Pink Runtz

Feminized in testeimg

Tynehead Tom

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UK retailers get there stock from PureSativa he is my UK distributeur.

For EU can use Karmagenetics.shop aswell

And Oldschoolgenetics sends worldwide.
we got our order from Oldschoolgenetics. My buddy in eastern canada place the order during the last drop and the seeds arrived in a timely manner. Mine aren't here yet but tracking shows they should be here in a day or so. I was leery about ordering from across the pond again after my attitude experience a few years back that cost me 3 grand.... But my buddy got the order from oldschoolgenetics without issue so I will go ahead and make future orders myself. Just glad someone is willing to ship to us as Karma Gear is not easy to come by in Canada and is why I preserve the plants I like ito f2 if I can. SO so glad I preserved the Biker V1 I can tell you that much ;)


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Sowahh Sherb starting flush. One half tent used 400v 600w hps and other 630w Agro cmh. I’ll never be finishing with hps again. The Sherbs are best I’ve ever done after years using 50 coin budget euro barn Lights. First 2 pix under 400v 600w hps, last 2 pix under 630w Agro cmh last 3
weeks bloom.


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tried the new leds out
No don’t use them cause can get temp changes where my tent is if next door opens there window so stuck with HID for the win. I use 315w daylight veg room. 630w daylight first 2 weeks flower then 4 weeks with 400v 600w hps then finish last 3 weeks with 630w Agro cmh. Cmh is best quality producing light I love them.


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Just to say I had a very good experience with @Karma G and his shop.

He helped me to find the impossible : biker kush is sold out everywhere and he helped me kindly to have those seeds

And when I ordered :
- they sent the seeds the same day they received the money (the carrier DHL sent me a message) and I received the seeds 3 days after (I'm in France so it's very fast)
- the seeds came in a dvd box to avoid problems. It's the first time I see this good security
- they sent me a pack of good freebies ! Cookies&cream x biker kush, 15 seeds ! I ordered 1 strain and receive one other good. So it's 70 euros/2 = 35 euros a pack of good seeds
- and in the pack of biker kush they were 15 seeds, not only 12/13

So 20/20 Karma. It's rare to have so good experience and I bought a lot of seeds from a lot of vendors
Karma is the man! I used to use exotic Genetix and in house genetics but always found myself going back to Karma. Surprised us fanatics not in a Karma Cult lmao. Everything is easy to grow, great flavours with all latest flavour trends and oldskool also. And everything yields well so if I do make a mistake not going to suffer much on harvest time.