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I've seen several veg rooms, since I arrived and....


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It sorta makes sense, Most educated and experienced growers don't let people into their grow for no reason. So makes sense the people that do have less than desirable growing conditions.

This whole legalization thing is really starting to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Wendull C.

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To add a bit, i found russets alive and well in trim friend stored at a place of mine. Damn was he pissed when i burnt that shit in the party pit.


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The BM's and Russets are all over the country. People find out precisely when they are ruined. So many people in Vacationland trade clones. It is getting pretty wicked when even clone-sellers definitely are doing battle with the Borg, whether they know it or not..


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I had russets once and like you say - i didn't realize until it was too late. That run was a complete flop and I didn't end up being able to sell any, just personal smoke. It came from a OG clone I was given.

Ever since that day I found those bastards, I have not let a single clone from someone else into my garden. Pigeons and strong wind are carriers enough!

Good luck with your new place, you seem to have your feet firmly on the ground.

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