IC 420 Cup Results 2019


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Results are now public for all to see...

Congrats to the winners and Happy 420 to everyone!

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I want to thank everyone for the great work that you have done this year. Very difficult to organize, there have been many samples received. Big hugs for all the organizers. I think the quality of the samples has been quite good. I'm happy for everything. Congratulations to all the winners. ����������


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congratulation to all the winners and thanks to all entrants!!

it was great meeting many old ic ppl and some new ones ..

sorry for the ones that couldnt make it to the party, what you had missed was .. a fucking blast :D


Lots of well known ic members there.. Not

every single ic head who wanted to judge was given priority, i can't help it if some old heads could't make it. but we certainly had a central crew of old timers there and judging including folks who were absent the last 2 years. so it's a give and take, many of them went to the UK cup which was happening at the exact same time.


thanks IC 420 Cup Gems and Stars

thanks IC 420 Cup Gems and Stars

Big Thank You

will be trying to post a few pics of my favorites here, please add as you like.

but i want to thank all the wonderful ic magers who helped making this event possible.

from sourkush, who did all the insta contacts and entrant contacts of the Cup, to noreason and crew, mm4, mellowfello our glass man who made the trophies, dimodz and crew, growdoc and all the others that helped in 1 way or another.

as always it was a team effort, a big thanks to Skip who was there in the background ironing out issues as they cropped up.

a special huge thanks to Lorenzo from Terps Army, who was the most gracious and kind host you can imagine, a big thank you to his wonderful staff, always friendly and helpful.

thanks to the GWA social club for inviting us too. it was nice to have a more quite place to chill.

of course the many entrants deserve our heartfelt thanks too, without them there would be no cup, same for the judges who did their duty and voted on all the entries they got.

it was really nice to see everyone having a great session and generally enjoying themselves without paying through the nose for the privilege.

where else, but at the ic 420 cup, do you get to judge a cup for a participation fee of 30 euros lmao?

on the whole i think its safe to say that it was a great suces. pics will follow when i get back home. meanwhile maybe some of the judges will share some favorites?


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A beautiful event with a very nice people!

Thanks to the organizers for the great work and congrats to all the entrants.
Greetings to Gaius and the IC guys, Dimodz and the german crew, Nore, Doc and the italian folks.
See you for the next cup!

:groupwave:[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]the Entrants[/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]the Entrants[/FONT]


Congrats to all the winners! It was a huge competition this year!

I´m already uploading my pics...



Thanks to all the entire staff for making it real....awesome events icmagfam! Contgrats to all the winner and the competitor
dochazed from weflowers.....