hush's new hidey hole — I'm growing for one, now!


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Hello ladies and gents, but probably gents! :tiphat:

This here is my new, post-divorce hidey hole. Time to turn the page and start things over. I've got my own apartment now, and a decent sized closet to work in. Here it is:




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Over on the left side we have the small tent, which is 60cm x 60cm (my American ass will be calling it the 2x2); on the right, the less-small tent, which is 90cm x 90cm (the 3x3). The small tent is lit up by a "600 watt" LED fixture which is actually 260 watts:


This one is currently in the vegetative stage of a SCROG of Chem OG, by Female Seeds.



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Over on the right side is the less small tent, which is lit with HPS light, and is currently empty except for some germinating seeds on top of the reflector (Skunk Special, also by Female Seeds):



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Each tent has its own carbon filter, and each tent exhausts directly through the wall, back into the living space. I installed vents over the holes, which look like this:


There are intake holes in the pantry, which is adjacent to this closet. The fresh air comes in on one side of the apartment, and the warm exhaust air comes out on the other side, into a hallway where it is met with cold air from two air-conditioned rooms. This seems to be working, and keeps the temperature in the tents a degree or two above ambient.


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The idea from here on out will be to grow feminized genetics primarily, and to keep things small. I'm interested in getting the best bang for the watt. So I'll be using a lot of training techniques along the way, for sure.

I'm a hydro guy, so don't expect to see any soil from me. I generally default to ebb and flow, and that's what both of these tents will be using as far as I can see. I might get bored and want to switch things up at some point though, who knows.

Here's a close up of the Chem OG in the small tent:


She's in coco/perlite in a fabric pot, being fed Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro. I expect the flip to occur in only a couple of weeks.


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Glad to see you're still growing! Nice closet. Looking forward to seeing the results of this round!


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Pulling up a pallet..

Female Seeds are ole skool and dependable. Expect big yields from the skunk special.


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Well, so far the SS seeds haven't popped for some reason. I don't get it. It's been over a week. I've tried most of the tricks I know and nothing's worked. That sucks. I think they're duds. Dang.

I also had some problems with the other tester seeds I got from Female. The Chem OG. A few didn't pop. At least I was able to get one going, which is pictured in here already. But dang. I'm beginning to wonder if this package got irradiated in a post office or something. Lol. Anyway, that really sucks because those were the only feminized seeds I had. So I have to figure out what else to plant, now. Hmmm...

I guess it's going to be Golden Tiger.


Over on the right side is the less small tent, which is lit with HPS light, and is currently empty except for some germinating seeds on top of the reflector (Skunk Special, also by Female Seeds):

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I have a cut of SS. Buddy gave it to me. Not sure where it came from.

What brand led you running?


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It's Viparspectra. The "600w" one.

I'm probably going to place an order at Female for some seeds soon. I think it's cool when seed companies give me free seeds to test, even if they end up mostly not germinating. I definitely don't put the blame on them. I think it's possible that I got sent some old seeds, or maybe they were in a bad environment at some point during transit. Extreme temps or something like that. And I like their offerings, so I'd be happy to buy some seeds from them.

But yeah I just began germinating 4 Golden Tiger seeds, so that's what I'm going with in the 3x3.