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In my opinion pure NLDs have simply two in two main variations, like Black/Red and Gold/Green. All relative to altitude of grow and latitude, ultra violet, atmospheric pressure and temperature as potentiometer and soil and rainfall as volume. The Black and Red are from highest elevation, the Gold and Green are from valleys but with each variations you have its others and its recessivity combo possibility, that's why i think we need to simplify to better understand.

Black is the most potent then the Red, poison hard to smoke with heavier understone and dark spicy metallic gunpowder terpenes. Gold has the most clean high with softer tasty taste, fruity spicy kind then Green ones are softer with low % of terpenes.

Black - Black/Red - Red - Red/Gold - Gold - Gold/Green - Green

Knowing that Black ones like more precocious and Green ones like endless ^^
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