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How Much Do You Smoke


I don't weight my stuff but i have smoked ~15g the last 5 days. Most of it with the sublimator in a bong. When i was younger, unemployed and smoked with tobacco i smoked up to 10g in 2 days. But at that time i had to smoke 3-4 bowls after getting up to feel awake and clear.
To be honest i wouldn't have a problem to smoke +1g oil a day but that only would make the best weed taste like hay so i don't that.


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Hi Bobby,
I used to work Emergeny Rooms (retired RN) We saw a bit of everything. I've assisted in chain saw and power tool lac repairs...nasty.

It seems it's guys that use them alot...they get sloppy. That surprised me when I first started. But newbies doing something dangerous are always super careful...it's the vetrans that get sloppy.

familiarity breeds contempt...farmers get killed by their cattle for same reason. "ah, that ol' bull won't bother you. i've had him for years..." 🙄
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When I smoke I settle into about a quarter a week if it's good, if not it goes up from their. If it's mostly a high, "day time" weed I can go through an oz in week that stuff does next to nothing for me. I'm retired so that's pretty much stoned every waking hour. Granted I generally try limit my consumption to no more than that, I suspect with more quantity I would likely smoke more.

Now that prohibition is over and I'm growing my own I will likely find out. Just past the first month of my first legal grow, got four plants looking good. About two weeks away from switching light cycles assuming they reach my target height.


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Depends on the day of the week (weekday or weekend). Sometimes once a week, sometimes several times a day. It also depends on the variety and its power. Some varieties smoke an ounce and want more lol

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A little over 1/8 a day, plus cookies, gummies, whatever edibles are around. I’m trying to ease off the smoking and switch to tinctures, edibles and eating cob only, but none of them work for me as well or are as enjoyable as smoking.

For me it’s about maintaining focus which smoking does for me. Shuts the chaos down, shuts the fog of too many thoughts at once off and just let’s me focus on one task at a time and hammer it.
Also most importantly shuts the dreams off so I can sleep.


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this much a year.

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How much?? Completely depends on 'what' I am smoking. My cannabis? about 3 to 4 grams a week. Other people's cannabis?? As little as possible, but usually around 5 to 7 grams a week when I'm stuck using it.

Functionality is completely terpene/cannabinoid profile related. I toke all day from wake to sleep, and just one or two tokes of the wrong strain can obliterate my productivity for the day. Most commercially available cannabis is non-functional or very close to it.

The lower your awareness of your own brain capacity and performance, the less true this appears to be. ;)


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Don't smoke anything these days, accept when I am with other smokers. I vape about a third to half a gram in the evening, and also take CBD oil in the day. Still working out the dose on that, and I may switch to CBD flower for daytime once I get a the right genetics.
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I use a small bowl and smoke about 3 a day.

i.e. light once, inhale, hold for a minute+, exhale.

That's it.

I'm curious what my picograms / cc THC level would be if I took a lab test for Pot.


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Normal day 420 rules in effect won't touch you until 4 in the afternoon especially smoking I function better that way it's. Today however the wife has the day off so I'm going to grind up some of this pot sitting in front of my bed stand