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Honduras sativa


ACE Seeds Breeder
I will share a bit of info about the Honduras landrace sativa that we have been exploring lately.
The seeds were collected early this century in Honduras by the same person who shared with us the Guatemala.
He sent me seeds from both landraces many years ago :yes: Thanks friend!

The Guatemalan was/is a very interesting central american line and has been used at ACE since the early days of our company, mainly by komanche, who bred Tikal with her.
On the other hand, the old original Honduras seeds were still waiting intact inside the fridge and it was the moment to discover what they had to offer.

We started germinating all the the 20 original Honduras seeds we received, and surprisingly all germinated perfectly and with vigor, despite they were at least 15 years old.
The seedlings grew vigorously in small pots, quite uniformly and without mutations or undesirable healthy problems. After 2-3 weeks of life they were transplanted to their final 7 liter pots.

All the plants show the classic tall Xmas tree structure, with strong branching, typical of the sativas from this area of the world. The stems are relatively thick and strong, yet flexible. Leaves are big and thin, with a light green color. Some plants show interesting reddish pigmentation in the stems, they are also the stickiest in growing stage. There's no indica influence in the growing or flowering stage, so seems to be a true pure sativa landrace.

Clones are labelled and kept from all the different parental plants. After switch to 12/12 photoperiod, 15 plants were female and 5 male. We keep the best 3 males (2 reddish males and 1 green male) based on vigor, health, flowering response, aromas, resin, flowering structure, yield, etc .... The reddish males are the stickiest and strongest smelling. Once the male clones are rooted, the big males are removed from the flowering room to avoid the pollination of the females, so the different females can be evaluated later sinsemilla.

All the females grew very vigorously in their 3 first weeks of flowering. After 1 month of flowering the stretching stops, and the plants started to throw pistils and to define the budsites.
Around the 7th-8th week of flowering the females are already showing her big yielding potential, developing huge colas full of pistils and small ovaries, resins and aromas also start to develop at this stage of flowering. Classic american sativa aromas: sweet, earthy, woody and incensey.

After 14 weeks of flowering all the females (except one, a late flowering one) are maturing.
The yield in all of them is very high for a first generation pure landrace sativa being grown indoors. The colas are huge although not very dense.

The flowering structure reminds me a lot to the old mexican sativas i used to grow 20 years ago .... big buds, full of brownish/reddish pistils, small ovaries with not much resin, woody, incensey aromas that have some sweetness. This sativa from Honduras shares all these traits, but the Honduras has a peculiar organic 'foie gras' aroma, with green plant tones of geranium. Really strange aroma that i don't know yet how it's going to translate into the smoke.

All the females didn't show hermie traits during most of the flowering, but unfortunately 9 females at the end showed more or less 'bananas' in the last 2-3 weeks of flowering. Mainly in the lower branches, not many and they didn't pollinate anything, but all the hermies had to be discarded.

Fortunately, the best looking and best smelling females were firm. We still need to dry, cure and analyze them to confirm whether the line is worth or not.

Here are some pics of a few Honduras females, sorry for the quality of the pics, had no much time or conditions to make proper pics.
Hope you can get an overall idea of her flowering structure and traits ... hope the info is useful too. :tiphat:
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ACE Seeds Breeder
Honduras female 2.

Tall, vigorous and high yielding female. Produces huge colas of medium density. Resin production medium-low. Perfume and woody aromas.


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    Honduras 2.jpg
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ACE Seeds Breeder
Honduras female 5.

Tall, vigorous and high yielding female. Produces huge colas of medium density. Resin production medium-low. The ovaries turn a bit purple at the end of flowering (without cold temps). It has a more fresh, lemony aroma than her sisters but it also shares the woody, incensey and geranium aroma that seems to be common in the line.


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ACE Seeds Breeder
Honduras female 7.

Tall, vigorous and high yielding female. Produces a huge main cola.
The ovaries turn a bit purple at the end of flowering (without cold temps). Intense and complex aromas: creamy, incensey and geranium, with a tone of 'flammable gas' that reminds me a bit the older purple panama phenos.


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ACE Seeds Breeder
Honduras female 9.

This one was an interesting female with beautiful spiral pistils, her flowering structure reminds me a bit to some haze hybrids and some old colombian sativas.
Unfortunately, at the end it was a bit hermie, so it was discarded too.


  • Honduras 9 cogollo.jpg
    Honduras 9 cogollo.jpg
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ACE Seeds Breeder
Honduras female 11.

Tall, vigorous and high yielding female. Produces huge fluffy colas.
Resin production medium-low. Incensey, organic (foie gras) and geranium aromas.


  • Honduras 11.jpg
    Honduras 11.jpg
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Very cool...thanks for sharing this glimpse into the Unknown. Can't wait for the next installments!

Lester Beans

Frequent Flyer
Wow some very neat plants. They sound interesting for sure. Looking forward to the smoke report!

Happy New Year Dubi :tiphat:


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Some of those have some frost to them that is visible. It's really not that exotic sati as don't produce trichs it's just that the trichs are way smaller. They look good!


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Should have been sativas not sati as, lol. Dam spell check, I had no edit button or I would have fixed it


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geranium aromas.... I need to refresh my olfactory memory bank on that one. Heads off to the local flower shop to sniff there wares.

until then will be waiting on the smoke report.

Grow on.

Baron Greenback

Wonderful descriptions of the smells dubi. I want.
How did they smoke? And what's Ace's policy on all of us turning up at your house to try it? :)


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ICMag Donor
Good documentation of a great looking strain. Interested to see how this works out.

Rory Borealis

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Nice looking plants, Dubi. I am anxiously awaiting the results of the cure and smoke report. Fois gras??? Now that is very unique. I offer my thanks and gratitude to you and ACE for bringing these unique genetics to our global ganja community. :tiphat:


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Looking very interesting and promising! I really appreciate your work and focus to sativa landraces!


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Looks like a good choice for sog gardens with those massive colas. This sounds like something I would love to smoke, hope you can find something worthwhile to release out of these, if it is decent but not steller I would still buy seconds.


ACE Seeds Breeder
Thank you all :)

The Honduras sativa has great potential, plenty of vigor, yield and interesting central american sativa flowering traits, it needs more time to ripen than the guatemala sativa, i guess this Honduras sativa is a bit more tropical.

I will post a smoking report in March when the Honduras have a proper curing.
If i find her enough interesting i will bring the best parental plants to analyze, i'm especially curious about the terpene profile the line has to offer,
hopefully we can find interesting terpenes that are not so common in modern cannabis hybrids.