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Hello from Michigan!


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Hello all. I always come to the forum for some real nice reading. Super fun to be here, so I figured I'd make an account.
About me: I started growing MMJ legally with my caregiver parents when I was a very little boy. My parents had taught me everything they know, especially in terms of processing into rso, trimming buds as well. Growing was so theraputic for me at this age. My earliest memories are of myself entering our big ole tent and grooming the growing plants. I would smell them intensely while sort of..."petting" them. Super weird, I know, but I always had a special relationship with the plant.

I've been doing all this for quite some time and decided to share what I know, as well as create some nice seeds to share. I am currently working on an IBL and its the most fun I've had in a while. Feel free to message me, I love to share, get some advice, and all that goodstuff. Happy toking

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