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Had idea to throw off tracking of power consumption


You could put a plasma bulb or arcing device in your window, so anyone that looks, knows you're pretty serious. About electricity. It sends a message to someone. They might think "Hey, I connect wires and read electricity, but this person might be Magneto."
or get raided by a bomb squad/anti terrorist group :woohoo:

You want two grows on either side of a vertical bulb, and a sheath that every 12 hours, is powered to one side, where overlapping flaps come together block light for one side, giving the other side light.

Basically with this set up, you're creating night and day, and your bulb is contiunously on.


Sounds like a fire waiting to happen and a poor use of electricity. Just get a flipbox.

Some of the responses here are pretty hilarious. Way too much paranoia. The smart meter is a pretty good tool for you to see where you can be saving electricity usage. I have never been afraid of the electric company turning me into the authorities. They enjoy having loyal high paying customers.

My neighbor was complaining about his bill being so high in the winter. He told me what he was paying and I was shocked to realize that he was paying as much as me! Electric water heater, electric furnace, electric stove, electric dryer... can't imagine what a family of 4 would be! Imagine having a 2000 plus square foot house in a desert would cost to keep cool. My gosh!


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Last I checked my usage was 12x my neighbor's, I pay my bill 5 days early on auto pay...I'll bet the electric company likes me more than my neighbors :)

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