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Grand Doggy Purps - The Shakedown Run


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Damn bro those ladies are so stacked with frost im surprised they aint suffocated themselves, clear to see they are very happy.......cant wait for this harvest, gonna be some killer trim for bubble by the looks of it.


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Thank you for the kind words and the great genetics!

The Ole Lady has already claimed the trim. She plans on doing a run of Grandma's Cosmic Pursecandy Cookies! Vanilla or almond space cookies embedded with broken peppermint candies. Hopefully some of GDP's perfume will make through to the butter. She is an artist with edibles and the smell of these cooking should be an experience!



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Day 56 Bloom Update

The plants are putting even more resin on as they continue to plump. There is only a smattering of new flowers and the trichs are starting to turn. They all have a purple blush under the sparkle that should deepen over the next week. I'm guessing they will get pulled in a week - perhaps 3 days early. The plants are so covered in trichs that its hard to photograph them - the white is so bright it overwelms the camera. I had to use a lens and reduce the flash to get these shots - and they don't do the plants justice.

Unit Shot:

Side Shot:

Bud Shot:

More filter so you can see colors:

Data Sheet:

As you can see, I've been jamming PK. Because the plants are sipping nutes, I've withheld base nutes to push the profile away from N.

Many would chop em here - but there is a lot of resin and color to be gained in the final week.


I've started my next challenge. Check it out and wish me luck!


As always, your questions and comments are appreciated!



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Reader Mailbag

Amongst the questions in pm's that I get, there were questions raised that I thought would be worth sharing here.

What is your rez change procedure?

Hook up the hose and let it start draining before turning off the pump. This avoids the root chambers backing up and flooding the floor.

Remove the pump and clean the filter. Doing this with every res change ensures that the system does not loose pressure. If your spray lines are dribbling - your plants are suffering.

Add 75% of RO water. Put in Silica, Zone, and pH down. Start pump. Top off with RO and add A & B.

I love your long windy posts but have you written a condensed version?

I have - you just didn’t notice! I sprinkled one liner rules of thumb throughout this thread and even this post. Can’t help it really - just the way I write.

Memba any of these?

Good Data is the best recipe for great weed!

When in Doubt - Throw it Out!

If your spray lines are dribbling - your plants are suffering.

Old Nutes = New Problems

Heat + food + inoculation from you not cleaning = trouble with tribbles.

When you experiment - Failure is always an option!

I’m sure there’s more. Anyone lurking in the peanut gallery is welcome to add their own rules - just keep it grow/weed related. We are all familiar with yellow snow cuisine and my friend in deed.

Have Fun All!


the gnome

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looking excellent aero,
hope to see you get some color going on with the girls before the chop.
I got lucky and we had a coldfront move thru and nite time temps hit into the 40s-50s
girls had to camp out for a few days and they got some color


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Me too. The blush has deepened but I'm still waiting for the purple streaks. It has been quite warm, so I might not get as much color as last time. Update and the start of chop tonight! I can't wait!



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Day 63 Bloom Update

Its been a long journey, but now we are near the end.

Unit Shot:


More Buds:

Bud Shot:


These buds are "bite the back of your hand beautiful!". The sweet candy funk aroma is overwhelming. Just wish I could take better photos of them.

I'm cutting half tonight and the rest on day 65. I'll be back with chop shots later.



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Day 63 Chop Shots

I selected what I thought was the average plant in the grow to be first.

One plant:



Ready for the dryer:

I would guess 1.25 - 1.75 on the hanger. We will find out in a few days. These buds are greasy with resin. Got a nice contact from handling them and an assistant clipper just nodded off after only an hour of work.

I'll cut the second half on day 65 to see if there's any more color. These are 50/50 cloudy trichs. I will consider 60 days for the next run after the smoke test.

As always, your comments and questions are welcome.



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Day 65 Final Chop Day

Last day standing shots:

Our plant we have tracked since day 1:

There is more color and the aroma intensity seems up a notch over the 63 day buds. The smoke test will determine how many days I stick with.

Day 63 dried bud shots and the first half numbers will be done soon!



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f'ing amazing bro

this is one hell of a thread
and man does she look like a keeper

hats of to you bro, you just sold 100's of packs with this thread
if your interested in any of our other stuff hit me up in pm

thanks again bro for a amazingly detailed thread,you got mad skillz
i only wish i was near you so i could smoke on that frosty purple nug you put up



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Day 63 Bud Shots Cont.

Here is our hanger of buds:

We did end up on the high side with this plant. The total for 9 plants at 63 days was 13.4 oz. The plant average was 1.5. This projects to 26 oz for the grow. I'm quite happy with the results, but I know from what I learned on this run, these numbers can be greatly improved.

Day 65 chop results, smoke report, and final conclusions in a couple days.

As always, your questions and comments are welcome.



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Awesome job aerokrafter! Ojd is right..these type of grows will definitely boost seed sales! LOL

Look forward to your smoke report!

the gnome

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smokin job aero... ! :smoke:
this is my 1st time in on an aero gro,
really cool watching this one
your a meticulous grower ma man!.
love it when you start crunchin those numbers!

you were similar to my take and i cut around 65 also
3 phenos
!# 39.5
#2 41.6
#3 19.9


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Day 65 Buds & Final Numbers

Our Plant we were tracking:

Second half chop resulted in 14.4 oz with a 1.6 plant average. So the total for the grow is 27.8 oz with a 1.5 plant average. I'm pleased with the results and the knowledge gained in the shakedown run. The goal for the next run will be 40.

Next round knowledge:

- I will add 10 - 12 days of veg time

- I will step the trellis prune back 1 branch.

- Day 23 is peak stretch day.

- My target ppms will be 430 - 470 with 1 extra dose of Kool Bloom during day 29 - 42.

- I will run them all to day 65.

The truth is that those 5 bullet points are the most valuable results of the run to me.

Be back shortly with the smoke report and final conclusions.



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Smoke Test & Final Conclusions

It has been quite the journey. I broke the quiet solitude of my garden by bringing you along to watch this amazing plant grow. I feel that I have found a new circle of friends in the process. Your encouragement has certainly brought my game up. You made the environment comfortable enough to allow me to be as open and complete as possible - sharing failures along with success.

I truly wish you were all here to share this test. So I will do the best I can to describe the experience.

The Nug:

As I said before these are “bite the back of your hand beautiful” buds. Very firm. A slight crush yields a crunch and a shower of trichomes. Half a second later, a blast wave of a peculiar sweet perfume assaults the nose. You feel compelled to deeply, deeply snarfle up every particle of this incredible smell. Cutting into the crisp bud fills the room with this intoxicating aroma, while half the bud falls to the plate in a satisfying thunk.

Cut Pile:

Fingers pick up a dusting of white trichs that quickly melt - making the rolling operation a sticky procedure. A little anticipatory drool is not helping either.

The dry toke fills my mouth with flavor and tickles my nose. Sparking the inhale, thick creamy smoke tasting like pink Necco candy floods the tongue. The exhale yields a sweet tang with a slight pucker. The smoke, almost oily, hangs in acrid incense reeking curls in the air.

A wave of warmth washes across my face with a slight prickling of the forehead. Second, third and fourth hits spread the warmth to rest of body, already beginning to ease the ache in my joints. A crispness of vision, almost tunnel like, accompanies a slight freeing of the mind. Seeing new interesting details in mundane objects is a delight.

Half Way:

The joint burns easily and evenly with a nice clean ash. Other testers reveal similar experiences as the spliff makes it way around the room. Everyone is amazed with the wonderfully complex smell and flavor, along with the serious, hard pulling buzz.

Sixth through Eighth tokes come and go with a blurr. I get the ghost hat - headband buzz with a numb face. With my tolerance level its difficult to get this high. I’m very impressed. My group of testers give it their highest marks as well. The vibe of the room is warm and social, the music clear and interesting, and GDP has brought an extra sparkle to the conversations.


It burned clean and even, all the way down to the nub. Despite some testers forgetting it was in their hand, the joint stayed lit the whole time, never needing to be relit.

Final Ratings and Conclusions:

Flavor/Smell - 9.5
Potency - 8.0
There are more potent varieties, but I can’t think of many that bring the total package like this pheno of Grand Doggy Purps. This strain is not about the highest of yields, but the ultimate in excellence. I can’t recommend this strain any higher or thank Connoisseur Genetics enough for releasing it. I don’t see it ever leaving the mom room.

I would also like to thank my new circle of friends, and in particular, R. Fortune for his many thoughtful questions and posts. You all really helped me through this process - I am after all, a noob to doing something like this.

As promised, I will be updating this thread when I start the first production run. With all the information and things learned from this run, it should be a smooth fun ride.

It has been a special and fun journey krafting this wonderful plant with you. I thank you all for your support and attention. I hope that you have found at least one useful thing for your own journey in this thread.

Best of Luck to All!


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Nice job AK!

You are doing our community of growers a big favor by showing us the inner workings of a well run Aeroponics grow.

Thank you.