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Gorilla Girl F1 Fast version


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Hi everybody !

just rollin a big one , so good opportunity for the smoke - test ...

So first thing the smell of the bud is mainly citrus-lemon , with a strong aftersmell eucalyptus-vicks style , and anything other i can' t definite ...

Now about the smoke :

taste is complex , with different type , citrus , earthy with a creamy side , a gluttony strain ,
one puff to an other your will get some taste more or less , very appreciable .

Effect is balanced hybrid , good high at the beginning and physic effect after ( a good gorilla punch in the head :biggrin: ).

That' s really good weed , and i'm curious to test this Gorilla Girl Fv outdoor !

Let' s talk about scale :

i get 212 Grams dryed and cured about 4 plants , wich is pretty cool :)

Ok , so my stick is finish now , and i'm pretty stone , hé hé , another good point to Sweet seeds !!!


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