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Golden Tiger x Panama feminized limited edition

Greetings to the entire icmag community and especially to the Ace community! A little update. Time is always too short to keep up with the "girls" but it seems that they do well even alone in "automatic". This year the weather is a little crazy compared to recent years but perhaps a little less extreme heat and a little more rain is better and doesn't hurt.


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Those are going to get huge :) Lovely


I hope so Koondense. There's certainly no lack of vigor with Ace. I started late, it was already mid-May even though this year the weather was a bit adverse compared to recent years. In the last week I made a topping to prevent the plants from exceeding the height of the railing that separates the border between my house and the neighbor's! The relationships are good but it is better not to overdo it. There would always be so much to do but there is too little time and now it's starting to get really hot. More than anything I hope for good weather at the end of the season. In recent years we have always had two summers lasting until December with excellent temperatures. I don't know this year? We will see it day after day. For now all is well. I enjoyed following you over time when I could. I found many of your messages interesting. There is a lot to learn and take in. Bye man


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First Golden Tiger X Panamá fem (A.C.E.; born on June-4):

Second Golden Tiger x Panamá fem (A.C.E.; born June 16) :

Y me despido por hoy con un saludo musical celebrando la conexión España-Panamá, y saludando a tod@s l@s panameñ@s...

And I say goodbye for today with a musical greeting celebrating the Spain-Panama connection, and greeting all the Panamanians...