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Golden Tiger V.1 Pheno Summary


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Here's a summary of the pheno's observed over this grow.

Short Plants
Golden Tiger #2 11-Week Bloom

Golden Tiger #9 14-Week Bloom
20231029_151525 GT9.jpg

Intermediate Plants
Golden Tiger #3 14-Week Bloom
20231029_144843 GT3.jpg

Golden Tiger #4 14-Week Bloom
20231029_145438 GT4.jpg

Golden Tiger #8 14-Week Bloom
1 20231029_150040 GT8.jpg

Tall Plants
Golden Tiger #1 14-Week Bloom
20231029_131349 GT1.jpg

Golden Tiger #5 14-Week Bloom
20231126_132948 GT5.jpg

Very Tall Plants
Golden Tiger #6 21-Week Bloom
20240104_173215 GT6 21wk.jpg

Golden Tiger #7 14-Week Bloom
20231126_113812 GT7.jpg

Observed Bloom Periods
11-Week Blooming (1 plant):
Plant #2

14-Week Blooming (7 plants):
Plant #1
Plant # 3
Plant # 4
Plant # 5
Plant # 7
Plant # 8
Plant # 9

21-Week Blooming (1 Plant):
Plant #6

Effects Summary and Ranking
PlantBloom PeriodRankingEffects
Golden Tiger 114 weeks 4/5Body tingling, arousing, confident
Golden Tiger 211 weeks 4/5Body tingling, arousing
Golden Tiger 314 weeks 3/5Head, light body tingling, trippy, relaxing, heavy body feeling.
Golden Tiger 414 weeks3/5Head, tingly, trippy, visual, relaxing, intense, present, perceptive
Golden Tiger 514 weeks5/5Head, body tingly, trippy, auditory, intense, funny, motor function effecting, present.
Golden Tiger 621 weeks5/5Head, trippy, slight body tingle, time distorting, intense, relaxing, couch lock, present, mood improving, arousing
Golden Tiger 714 weeks4/5Body tingling, head, trippy, auditory, visual, focused, perceptive, intense
Golden Tiger 814 weeks4/5Strongly trippy, present
Golden Tiger 914 weeks5/5Trippy, body tingling, visuals, auditory, arousing, time distorting, intense


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ACE Seeds Breeder
Thanks a lot for sharing the outcome and your insights from your Golden Tiger V1 run @mikeysfoatl :)
Glad the old seeds still germinated fine to you and that you find more than half potent trippy females from the lot. Did you breed with them ?

To avoid confusing our readers, Golden Tiger version 1 (discontinued many years ago) is a cross of Old Killer Malawi x Meao Thai F1, while the main and current Golden Tiger second version also includes New Malawi Killer and Koh Chang Thai. The limited edition GT 3 version is a cross of Thai Chiang Mai x Malawi.


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I'll breed within the lines for a few plants I like the most. I plan on running f2's to select and backcross to the f1's to preserve those Golden Tiger phenos I like the most. All other seed lines will be kept for preservation.