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girl scout cookies

anyone know what club i can get some good girl scout cookies at? ive been hearing a lot about this strain, but i have not seen it in person yet. anyone know if any breeders are working on putting that in seed form?

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Harborside is supposed to have it frequently. The Green Door in the city has it sometimes as well. I think Berkeley Patients Group may carry it as well. I know they had the vaporizers with the oil in them.

So best bet is harborside. I think they are buying/selling the largest quantity of it in the bay area.

People are working on this, and there are threads here somewhere talking about it. I'll be curious to see what comes of it.


Depends where you're from. I know the green door in San Fran and Sacramento have some on deck from time to time. Also I've seen some in Medicinal Genetics in Sacramento. Girl Scout Cookies is fire smoke if you get the real deal. Tastes just like cookies, hence the name. Good luck on your quest!


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medical gentics in sac, you just wait for the cookies to come in seed form well see what we can do about that lol. i like the extracts of the cookies better then the dried flowers. ya medical gentics in sac has flower of it, silly putty, and amber glass cavior. go check that shit out im smokin the cavior right now shit is bomb.


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4th cookie thread on ICmag

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second was closed, started by OGKB tho...
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