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Gelato x Dosido

mack 10

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Oi oi IC !

Thought these baby's deserved there own thread, so here we are.
Gelato x Dosido, ooh wee.
How can it be bad?
These beans literally jumped out the pack
With the most vigorous germination
I've seen in a while.
They just wanted to blast off.

X11 beans in to soak overnight.
In the morning I was greeted with this sight...


All tailed up already!
Even the pale one.
x11 beans in the pack
all 11 germed in only 1 day. Crazy.
Straight into the soil we go.
And we have 8 up so far.
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mack 10

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We got x8 up overnight.
They will get there own pots ASAP
Let's veg these beuts....
Hoping for girls.....

if you zoom in on the single seedlling pic,
Check the hairy stalk,
Proper hairy legs!


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mack 10

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Checked on the babies this morning
And Boom, we're 11 strong.
Pretty sweet germ on these beans.

mack 10

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Had some bad luck on these and several others.
Basically I has 38 yes, 38 seedlings eaten by a mouse. Or poss a whole team of the fuckers...
It pissed me off so bad I didn't even post from Sept to December...lol.
Anyway I've gotten over that loss and thought it was about time I explained why the thread dropped off.
Sorry to PanikZ.
I'll make it up to ya with the next thread.