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Fox Farms Cha Ching.....


crazaer at overgrow 2.0
ICMag Donor
Does anyone have anything quantifiable on the means by which these soluble granular supplementary fertilizers actually help the flowering process? I mean, the only data the companies really give you is the NPK ratio but it can't just be the ratio of macro nutrients that are affecting the plants, right?

Are there secret-ingredient enzymes, hormones, etc, etc that do something?

humble1 said:
cha ching is great because of the chelators (EDTA & EDHA), not the base NPK it offers.
and i personally prefer to start lowering my N in late bloom. in a strange way i use it somewhat like a flush, or pre-flush, even when I'm using the combined formula

i can't believe i just quoted myself .lol.
they do list a brief summary of ingredients, and if you're really interested they're obligated to post the MSDS data sheet online.

cha ching is the only one whose secret ingredient i know, never used the other two:2cents: