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Experienced Grower wanted in New Mexico


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eieiei something doesn't work with the translation.
I will not operate such a facility. and i'm not looking for an investor to turn such a project into reality. those who get the processes going will not be looking for investors either. at least not for the big picture. everyone can remove that from their make-up. they are not allowed to get involved with the big ones. And you should hold back with the small ones ... especially if you need your capital, cannot lose it painlessly, or expect high profits. difficult situation in the still intact cannabis world.

what biogas can do and how it has to be operated is known. I don't understand your doubts about already known systems that are proven to work profitably. it is a question of the correct dimensions in relation to one another. pure math. how much do I need of what and how much to produce. how much more can I produce in order to also sell the product individually at a profit. just think of heat, hot water. or elsewhere to cold, refrigerant and electricity. the geographic location will determine the composition of the trades required.


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I sent him info on the Stat's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce whereby he can find information he's needing.

Too, the NM Legislative Conference at the end of the month would befit him.

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