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Do you even OGKB 2.0 Bro??? Let them eat Cookies!


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I have been following the example of Josey and sharing this girl since her 1st flowering.

she has been sighted in the east traveled to the west and will be available at the MI HT cup in August for starters.

I found 5 seeds in a couple of zips of OGKB cookies purchased in '12 and '13 at Bay area Dispensaries.

Sprouted them last June, one of them, OGKB 2.0, won the IC cup last weekend.

One was a boy and he has been making seeds with his sisters and cousins, mom and some aunts too as well as complete strangers.

Once you get ahold of her post her up here and in the meantime I will brag and carry on like a typical closet hacker. :biggrin:

Please grow her, spread her far and wide, AND respect the TOU's here.

I'm sending some S1's and crosses in for the Server and Gypsy funds and that might be the best chance for many who are interested. I'll let you know when that drops.

The buds that gave me the seeds. OGKB cookies.




One of these 3 won the cup, one had no terps and was culled, the other, #3, was daddy in the 1st GlueBreath cross.
More about her soon.



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In 2012 when Prop 215's original GSC thread started to blow up I posted asking which dispensaries had cookies because I had a trip to the Bay Area.

OgKushBreath replied to me with locations he had just dropped at and I scooped up a bunch of his GSC cookies as well as his Animals and posted pictures then with a smoke report.

to me those cookies were amazing as they hit me stronger than the best OG I could find in NorCal on that trip.

I had a really bad fall and hurt my back and the relief from the GSC was unmatched.

I had my hopes up for something similar and that's what one of the seeds gave me.

The OGKB 2.0 clone has fast vegetative growth and doesn't require support for her heavy buds.
She yields better than everything else I have growing. buds are rock hard and almost as frosty as the forum cut.

These pictures are all from the batch I entered in the Cup.
they went 73-77 days. 3 gallon soil, GO nutes. MH vert.

10-11 weeks

9 weeks


73 days






passing the gas
So the 1st seed from the 2012 zip was a little vixen that I have been calling the pre-forum.
That name caused a little dust up in the present cookie thread and really didn't do
anything to describe her unique characteristics so I've changed her name to Stink Panties.

If you are lucky and sample her you will see why. This girl is very loud.

She has the same ducks foot leaves and slow vegetative growth as the OGKB mother. Almost zero stretch.

Worth the wait with effects that remind me of Headband.
Thick smoke that coats your mouth with flavor. Up and functional for me once the stone wears off.



If she was the only good cut in those five seeds it would have been worth it but I have a real Cinderella story to tell….


The 4 seeds from my 2013 visit to the Bay had a CookieBoi in them and I saved him!
His Girly-Spunk is prodigious and check out the flower size on him.


But wait, there's more… the other 3 were girls too...

Here is the harvest shot at 65 days of the seed grow.
left to right. OGKB 2.0, OGKB S1#3, OGKB S1#4 ( culled for lack of nose )


I took them at 9 weeks the 1st time and they were not finished. I had a bit of bud rot and jumped the gun.

I was shocked at how similar they appeared but they were very different in effects and aromas.

The #4 had some cookie smell but none of the OG background and a bland but strong sativa high. ran it twice again trying for better but it got culled.

The #3 threw a few 3 week nanners that I used to make some crosses.(GlueBreath Clone-only was those nanners on GG#4. I only popped 2 of the seeds to find it!) She smells mostly OG Kush and cookie with a sativa dom OG Kush up kind of effects.

She is not really loud and now that I have a nice OG cut I'm tempted to let her go but I think I'll hang onto her as she might have breeding value.
(Glad I kept her for other reasons, but that OG was not the one…)
She was the male in my 1st GlueBreath cross that turned out really nice and is super loud.
I'm as excited about the GlueBreath as these cookies, I had to pull it at 8 weeks because of some PM and it is amazing even though it was not ripe.

But you came to talk about the OGKB 2.0, Yo!

When I started getting my first whiffs of OG Kush in the background of her smells is when I started picking early buds and sampling.
I guess that show in the picture…

The loud in her really develops in week 10 in my garden and weight comes on late too.
I run MH in flower and I think it takes about a week or so more time with the MH bulbs but the
flavor and frost improvement makes it worth it to me.

The OGKB 2.0 really shines in the effects, aroma and yield if you let her ripen.

Now that I have a forum cut flowering next to her it's crazy to compare the size of the buds. No MCNS with OGKB 2.0.

I'll show you in the next post...


passing the gas

What an incredible Cinderella story. This unknown, comes out of nowhere, to lead the pack in Amsterdam. Indica entry,
he's hung up in Customs, He's about 455 yards away, he's gonna hit about a 2.0, I think.


Oh, he got all of that! The crowd is standing on its feet here at the Prix D Ami. The normally reserved crowd is going wild...
for this young Cinderella who's come out of nowhere. He's got a beautiful backswing...


That's- oh, he got all of that one! He's gotta be pleased with that! He's a Cinderella boy. Tears in his eyes, I guess…


This crowd has gone deadly silent... Cinderella story, out of nowhere, former closet hack, now about to become the 2015 IC champion.


It looks like a mirac- it's in the hole! It's in the hole!

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Nice, using GO nutes as well. Favorite bottled nutes for sure. Some cats on here disagree but I don't get it. Vert mh is the way to go. I do it as well, with overhead as well, warm deluxe/venture daylight. Huge trees rotated quarter turn each day. Have you had a chance to see or run the M.O.B yet? She is making her rounds. Mitten growers/breeders are top level, speaking from experience! Always have been! I miss Rainbow farm.


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Very, very nice. Subbed for sure, congrats on the win chunky, looks like some killer. Can't wait till she makes round my way...


Beautiful plant! Love the colors of the dried bud. Looks delicious! Congrats on the cup win!


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Congrats on a well deserved win! :party:

I'm loving the story and the pics :D