Dead plant help.. with what happened


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I agree completely with f-e . I use the Apera PH60 and have been happy with it. It gets used every single day. Keep it clean and recalibrate weekly. I replaced an older Apera with the one I have now after a Replacement Probe wouldn't work. Probe costs about 2/3 of the entire unit, so I just returned the Replacement Probe and ordered a new meter. Found a sweet deal on a more expensive Hanna meter, but it sits unopened since the Apera continues to work fine. It drifts about .15 between calibrations.


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Looks like I’m not done with this issue yet. I stopped foliar with epsoms a while ago. The plant took off and grew well. It slowed a bit recently and leaves somewhat drooped, soil felt dry. I watered the edges with ph adjusted water, roughly 6.5 . Leaves perked up, growth came back, but a day or two later, this mag looking deficiency returned to newer smaller leaves. I have a hard time thinking this is over watering, since the plant reacted well to a watering. I didn’t drench it either, maybe two quarts toward the outside edges. I realize everyone posted some good ideas here but just doesn’t seem to fit. Does anyone agree the leaves look like mag? The only other thing I’m thinking here is to wait some days and water with Epsom salt dissolved.

Im thinking of repotting this in new soil. I scored an open bag of Stonington platinum growers mix for half price along with bar harbor and lobster compost. A local store picked up the line a year ago. So am thinking get rid of this soil, amend the platinum mix and drop this Malawi right in. I’ll mix up a new batch for my seedlings.

Any ideas?

Edit: not sure this matters but my vpd is high, about 1.7 .im working on getting more moisture but not easy.

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I've been using a Apera Instruments AI209 PH20 for about 6 months now. No issues with reading anything from rain water to concentrated mixes.

eBay has the best price on them.


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Hey blondie. I have some Ace Malawi purple line growing now. I used the mix similar to what Dubi recommends, about 6 parts Pro Mix HP BX, 1 part loose coco, 1 part worm casting, and I sprinkle a bit of guano in the bottom 1/3 of the pot. I have never had healthier looking plants, I really like this mix. Yes that looks like mag. Potash and magnesium compete with each other for uptake into plants, too much of one blocks the uptake of the other. I think your problem honestly is the espoma potash. That is derived for muriate of potash. Muriate is a common commercial fertilizer, our farm spreads it on our fields, it is a great source of potash. We also use it as part of a corn starter that we place beside and below the seed when we plant. The problem with muriate is that it is salty, and in coarse ground like our sand fields we have to use less than our clay or we can see salt damage in the corn because the salts can move easier in course soil like sand (or growing mix). Cannabis will be the same, a bit of muriate in the soil will be ok, too much can fry your plants, which is likely what happened to your first one.

I use a blue lab combo meter for pH and EC and have had it for a few years. I tried several cheap pens before that, they are a complete waste of time. The blue lab meters have gotten ridiculous in price though. They have a pen for just pH that is much cheaper than the combo meter if you only want pH, I haven't used it though, just seen it on amazon so I'm not endorsing it but I am happy with what I have. I also just feed with a standard liquid line and they seem super happy being fed around 0.6 EC going into flower. I do think the issue is the potash though.


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I did look into the espoma potash and hadn’t realized it was a synthetic! I think this is the answer.. thanks everyone.

Edit: I think maybe due to fox farms being hot, it may have have contributed. just repotted into Stonington platinum mix. Done with potash forever. I lightly watered Sunday and today had fuzzy shit already growing. As long as it survives the repot, I think this will be good. Hope this thing is female....
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Thanks yes I should have said done with espoma synthetic postash. I’m going to look for something else or add a twinge of ash from the fireplace. Not sure yet what.

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Langbeinite is a good organic source of K,Mg and S. It is soluble in water but takes a while and some agitation.

Potassium magnesium sulfate mineral

Langbeinite is a potassium magnesium sulfate mineral with the chemical formula K2Mg2(SO4)3. Langbeinite crystallizes in the isometric-tetartoidal (cubic) system as transparent colorless or white with pale tints of yellow to green and violet crystalline masses. It has a vitreous luster. The Mohs hardness is 3.5 to 4 and the specific gravity is 2.83. The crystals are piezoelectric.

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