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Cannabis Rosin(solventless hashoil)


hello to you all...i am posting this to share something that i found and knocked my socks off...i dont have much time right now so i will add more later...

this is a simple or crude extraction that i use on seconds and thirds quality dry sift to get a oil like product...it can produce alot but in lower quality hash it will get you next to nothing...but something that will melt,taste good,and hit you instantly!

this tek has also worked on morroc,waterhash,finger or sizor hash...but if it is green hash it wont work!

put on a pot of water and bring to a boil...with a stainless steel bowl(or glass) on top ...take off heat ...take hash and rub it lightly on the sides of the bowl....you will see a light to heavey film biulding up on the bowl(this is the rosin or hashoil)...now you need a rasor blade to scrape off the rosin...now put that in you pipe and smoke it!!!

sometimes its white and powdery...others are puddy...its been black...and even orangeish once...

anyway it rocks me and its all i really smoke exept killer # one first quality dry sift...add a bit together and you will become a distant traveller!!!
as i said no time now but enjoy and ask questions...or better yet ...you tell me a better way!!!



comphashon, my friend, thank you for sharing that technique, I really love how the majority of your extracts always look like tasty ivory white coconut shavings. Those bubbles look so shiny and tasty on top of those beautiful ivory shavings, that, it gives me visions of things to come just thinking about it :yes:.

Muy bueno, mi amigo :D

Paz y mas...


hey thanks...i think of it as really lucky...but to some that is crazy!!
hey oaxaca...thanks bro...here is some really gummy stuff!!!tastes the same as all other rosin...just as potent...but gummy!!!i wonder why???but it is the same kind of color....

it seems to simple but it just kicks ass!!!...i used to smoke solvent based oil...now i wont if i dont have to!!!
and i think it sends you farther than solvent oil...as it should coming from hash rather than cannabis...



rosin is high thc!!!!

rosin is high thc!!!!

ya that chunk is all rosin....when it was a whole chunk it was 1.2 grams!!!!
now its only 0.7....the shit lasts for a long time too!!!
2-4 tokes and im blasted for a few hours!!!

it took me about 3.5 grams of good quality second screening to get the 1.2 of rosin....pretty good return or the hash had a high rosin potential!!!...

i also have done a bit of testing on this product...and it comes out really high in thca....
actually the rosin tested at about 22%higher in total thc that the hash tests on its own!!!!
and the left over hash tests about 20 %lower in thc...but it still tests higher than bud!...
i havent done much with the left over product(i give it away mostly)...but i think that it will have some medical value!!!
it smokes fine...it just isnt as strong...someone out there would love it im sure!!!

i know some people out there are going to think its nuts...waisting good hash...but i think its better...and stronger...i smoke way less....im higher than ever....most of all its a natural clean thc pure product!!!
anyway if you make some or try some or better yet...get some pics...post em and your method...as i would love to learn a easier way to produce this wonderful product!!!!
try it...enjoy!!!!



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Greetings to you Comphashon!

Nice technique you found. I bet that thing will hit hard. That´s not waisting hash.. that´s advancing! :yummy:

I´ll try that my self some day :chin:


genkisan...thanx bro...sometimes life is simple!!!

2luvers...greeting right back at ya!!! :wave: ...when you do try....#*$@#$**!!!enjoy!!!it rocks me all day long!

verite...ya rosin is an extraction from resin...this stuff is cannabis rosin!!!

hey...i just picked up a titanium spoon!!!im goin to try out some vape tokes!!!the spoon is only $10!!!!cant wait!!!!
thanx HMK for the great idea!!! :chin:



nice grab, comphason :yes:

if you're not near kut, somebody 'round here 'prolly has a bell you can hold that heated spoon under :yes:

but don't carry it around in yer pocket, a cop'll love that :biglaugh: and with the rosin stash too... :yoinks: it'd be interesting, fer sure!


\compashon this is some good quality info ya got man ...

gona b gettin my hands on a few oz's of lebonese and try dis shit out...



hey thanks folks!!!tried the ti spoon hits and booom!!!!i think i got so high cause i had 5 tokes in the time that i would normally have 2!!!!so wonderful...but i need the bong i think....just to see if it will smoothen it down cause it was a little harsh....do any of you find that reg knives are harsher than with the vape bong???
anyway it sure fuunked me out of this world!!!i got a rush after i put down everything...glad the spoon wasnt in my hand!!!!
my buddy didnt say a thing to me for ten min!!!!

dopesm....hey let us know how it goes!!!i cant stop myself!!!

genkisan....hey let me know where ya are....ya might try it sooner than later!!!

hey baron....i use a toothbrush to keep my screens clean...and its all black...i have often thought of how it would look to a cop with me brushing charcoal onto my teeth...."ya its the new thing...charcoal filter cleaning!!!"

HMK...hey bro!!!hows next week sound?thanks!!!
thctek...thanks bro!!!

i worked for an hour last night and got myself 1.6 grams...more of the gummy!!!!yummy!!!!i wonder what makes the differance between the white powder and the gum???well i will smoke a wack and let you know if i find out!!!!



well i just wanted to add a bit of info...i made a home made vape bong...to go with my titanium spoon...it is way smoother...clean...and best of all no flame at my face!!!...but....

i find that the rosin is stronger when it is burned(with a flame)...its still really strong with the ti vape...but it seems that burning the rosin has a more instant effect...and i smoke less than with the vape...
but2...wow this is the delivery method of choice for #1 first quality FMCD dry sift!!!unlike the rosin...i get way highre with the ti vape vers. burning(with flame)!!!!i dont really understand it but a few of my freinds back me up...anyone else with a titanium bubbler should try it out!!!