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i would like to talk about an issue that happens with feminized seeds

i cant tell you why it happens ive just seen it over the years with mine and others companies feminized seeds

when you come to age of sexing your plants feminized seeds can first show male preflowers on the main tips of growing shoots
sometimes its 1 shoot sometimes its all the shoots(these are pre flowers)
but what ive expierienced is that with in a week they start to throw female pistils and stop producing male preflowers with in a few weeks you will forget about it because it becomes 100% female with no male parts to be found anywhere(the only male parts will be the pre floewers) that have disapeard by the huge nugs that have grown over them

i know this sounds strange but so are feminized seeds

the male parts that show when first sexing do not have enough time to produce a proper male flower or enough time to open so i never pick them off incase it causes stress

ive never had seeds from 1 of these plants

i am only talking about pre flower male parts, not normal hermi's

if male parts show up any other time in flower they are a standard hermi and you do whatver you got to do whether its pick balls of or just throw to the trash

i would like to show a picture of a said plant that started of with male pre flowers and is fully female now and in the flush as we speak
the plant is new york city jones x GS Cookies

hope this helps you guys from throwing away good plants



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Have had this myself with quite a few fems(and a couple of regs)an as ojd has said,they will usually flower out as normal females.Have had a couple that have carried on throwing though,a couple of rez sssdh s1's and a dna sour kush.
1 of my hey daves had 5 sacs pop up early in flower but then flowered out as a totally normal female


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'Male' pre flowers

'Male' pre flowers

I was so unlucky to have a plant with male preflowers in my current grow and wanted to do a post about it, when I saw
this thread from Ojd, who wrote about his experience with fem. seeds. We had contact about my problem and I think
Ojd's post answers it at best, so this should be the place to talk about it.
In my testgrow all four plants were about 12 days in flower and three of them started to show the first female flowers,
only phenotype#1, a real nice one, showed nothing until I found her one morning with male pre flowers on every tip and
I couldn't believe it. Since a few years I use feminized seeds, but this case I hadn't seen before and that was my problem,
I had no information about it. So I made some pictures of the plant and because of the intensity of the problem I chopped
her. Parallel I had contacted Ojd, who told me about the male pre flowers as he has done it in his thread here. It was good
to get the correct information, but to know this little bush could have been a nice female is a bad feeling, it looks like, thats
the way I learn it, I think. I hope, it will not happen to me again, so let me show you my pictures, sorry, they are not the
best ones, but you can watch them much better when you make them bigger...

sssdh s1#1 at 12 days of flower (picture 4 + 5 show it best)

I hope, you all get this information from Ojd and have the chance to save a plant.
Thanks again for your help and understanding, Ojd, I hope, we'll have lots of fun with the other bushes...


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please read this thread guys

please read this thread guys

let me show you a picture of said male/hermi that are being found

started out with male pre flowers and witihin a week or so she was fully throwing pistils
and now not a ball to bee seen and deff no seeds thats for sure
this shit happens with fems
please do not throw your plants away your missing out i promise you



I've had ball sacks pop up on lower branches around 3 weeks into flower... just plucked them off and everything was fine. I'm now growing those out for the second time, and everything appears to be fine. Is is possible that plants can work out some kinks in the first few generations?

Blue Socks

This is like fucking with no condom on, sure you will be ok most of the time, but it only takes that one time with the wrong one and you're screwed.

Thanks to OJD for this informative post. I have had fems that went hermi and they really were hermi and they seeded the crop but there was no way of knowing if they were good kind of male preflowers or the bad ones until it was too late unfortunately.

What should you do if they go away then come back? Does that even happen?


I Agree OJD. I have seen what u speak of many times. I have Rutherford same mums for years. Occasionally I will get the male preflowers, but I own my girl is tried and true . I don't even worry about the male flowers any more cause the always wither away and dont pollinate the crop.. There are so many factors involved in every different grow.
Now o a different note. If your put the plant through continued stress u may have some male pollen that could cause a pollination..
I would never through a girl out unless I can clearly see that she is about to dust the whole crop.. I believe just cause u saw some male flowers ( now I am talking just a few flowers )on your first run with a lady doesn't mean that after take clones and flower her you will see them again..


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hmmm interesting thread. i wouldn't mind hearing from some folks that understand the science behind the matter. cus to me, it seems like if something has the propensity to exhibit a trait once it could do it again. nothing to back that up, just logical deduction. can plants turn genes off and on during a life cycle??

i think if ppl start to see this the best thing to do is isolate in a separate space. no need to risk ruining crops, but also no need to risk tossing perfectly fine confusered ladies. so Personally, i would quarantine until end of round #1, if all is well you can let back into gen-pop ;-)


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Thanks for posting the thread OJD, hope everyone will read it!

this sounds similar to happened to a member here, Phillthy.

He was flowering out some plants from seed, Reservoir gear, I forget what strain it was... something with SSSDH tho I think

When flowered it showed an insane amount of pistils and produced a very nice amount of thrichomes for it's age... it stretched way too much and he either revegged and cloned or just cloned it... I forget but when he want to flower out for the second time, it was a FULL BLOWN MALE.

mind fuckery... if you ask me. haha check it out it's in Dank.Frank's sub-forum. I'll see if I can find a link for you... do you care?


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no soursmoker
nothing like what im talking about
im talking pre flowers
first few weeks of puting flowers out
if anything past that i would be throwing it out
ive never seen it with my seeds or others fems



Read; I didn't know this. Thanks, ojd. I picked this user name so I could sit behind ya in class...;)


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Weird. I have noticed the same thing on some standard auto flowers also. I usually give all my plants some xtra time after sexing before ill toss them anyway.


I learned this with my first batch of SSSDH's from CSG.
My 4 feminized SSSDH's all showed PRE-flower ballsacks.
I threw away 2 of them and regreted it. My 2 nicest ones, and I thought they were hermis. They were not.
After picking off the few pre-flower single ballsacks on the remaining two, the plants were perfect.
I threw away 2 perfectly good SSSDH for nothing. Now Ive learned an invaluable lesson.

Even though I made the huge mistake of culling 2 beautiful SSSDH's, it worked out better than I could ever have imagined when OJD gifted me the genetics I have now.
This garden is truly the dankest, healthiest garden Ive ever run, and Im expecting a bumper harvest of the dankest flowers Ive ever had.


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^^I know, how it is, I 'only' chopped one plant, but it felt so bad, when I heared what was going on.
Looking at her with male flowers at every tip off the plant was so impressive, I never thought, it were
male pre flowers. I use females a longer time, but not in big amounts and from such a case I haven't
heared before. On the other side it was the best situation to learn it, I will never forget that, he,he...


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i had 3 cheeze and chong out of around 35 do what ojd says at the start of this thread,,,i bollocksed it up by chucking 2 out and the 3 that i kept,was rock solid all the way through the run after the intial hiccup and went onto be one of the biggest yielders also,,,s2
Great information and a good heads up to those who panic at the site of male pre flowers... Are you talking about CGS FEMS or FEMS in general?


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I recently had a fem do this myself. Thru 2 crab claws when they were a size you needed magnification to see. Thou I wish they had been CG gear I'm not too hopeful about the outcome these beans were from a less than reputable breeder. Live and learn.

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