Blumat auto watering



It uses suction, so just a reservoir. The smaller ones are great for houseplants, but you might need a couple for a pot 8" or above.
Similar to Plant Sitters

Similar to Plant Sitters

I use plant sitters, which are very similar in shape and function. They siphon from a reservoir of any size. Use them for my banzai mums so I can ignore them for a week or two at a time. Also for larger plants when I must travel. They work fine. You can get them on Amazon.


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These use a dripper hose, therefore they can service a high demand situation.
Res. needs to be about 6" or so above drippers.(I think they say 3-4)
These DO NOT use suction to supply the actual water, ONLY to activate the pinch valve.
Gravity supplies the water.
The other kind, the water seeps through the carrot.
With these, the carrot is just a sensor device.
I am blow away more people don't know about/ use these.
I have recently purchased these and am about repot with them and go into flower. Hopefully they are as awesome as people have told me they are...


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I use Aqua Bulbs, which are great. $10 a pop, but well worth it for a small garden when the gardener needs to leave for a few days to a week.
i found a couple places, like amazon, that only sell a few emitters....i want like 25 of them....any bulk packages out there?


ive run these about 4 years now, have a look in my gallery for results

bests cmoon


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Anyone find any one other than amazon that sells these? It looks like amazon sells a version made by a company named generic. I'm not coming up with to many options to buy the blumat product....


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Only thing is , get a roll of the brown dripper hose.(30 meters)
The little piece that comes with them is nearly


yep thats the one, you can get a good deal at ebay now and then.

well, set up my blumats last night. still having to adjust them to avoid runoff. highly far. the tubing that comes with the set i ordered is fairly shitty but besides that they are rockin


They run straight from a reservoir correct how do they time when to water. I mix my nutes in 6g cen and would need to center it and the add another to other side of garden. That said whats maximum distance reservoir can be from can and how does it determine when to water? thanks

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