Blue Dream (Clone only)

This is some blue dream got on the eastcoast

Price: 1300 for a qp

Appearance:unforgettable almost like a sour diesel...(once you see this bud you will always remember what it looks like) light color green nugs kind of dense covered in small thc. light orange hairs lime green very unforgettable apperance

Aroma: woo this stuff reeks of fruit loops and skunk. i love it but its more of a fruit loops ...what else can i say i love almost everything about this strain

Taste: mmmm mmmm. tastes like fruit loops/ fruit roolups but with a real haze undertaste. i love it. as soone as a blunt is lit people know there is piff in the place

High: pretty well balanced high..kind of stoney but not so stoney that i cant move. i get up and socialize pretty well on this stuff and have good convos. long lasting and love it 9/10







Doesnt look like the dream... super dank none the less.

i hate to tell you this is blue dream, if yours dont look similar to this its proboally not legit considering its clone only and every batch i get of blue dream is identical to this

oh yea from what i have heard its blueberry x haze. it has an exact similar taste to this haze i got a few weeks ago plus add that taste into a smoothie of fruit loops and u got the taste

pic of the haze thats similar in taste



Damn if my blue dream even looks half this good I will be pleased! boston do you know how long those buds were cured for when you took the pics?
Damn if my blue dream even looks half this good I will be pleased! boston do you know how long those buds were cured for when you took the pics?

the pics are from 2 separate batches

the single nug was the more recent pickup. it was cured for less than a week.

the other pics i believe had a 2 week cure but were a little dry from leaving the jar open overnight.


Looks nice! Kinda Albert Walkerish. Your coping good shit BDM. Someone knows what they are doing in your area. Lovin your smoke reports. Keep Em' coming!


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i had this same dream right over here, bright green frosty nuggets, dank lime-blue hashy smell with a fruity taste with a strong haze undertone, just like you described this is top notch smoke, way more sativaish then ECSD and just as potent, I payed 1600 a qp but it was worth it.


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One of my favorite smoke. Had it when I got to Cali. Blew my mind! Blueberry x Santa Cruz Haze, 2 of my favorite types of weed in one. :joint:


Blue Dream is a great strain. The high is avg in the stone department but all of her other qualities make it a keeper.



This is one of the few strains that when I took a quick stoner nap from overdoing it I would wake up just as high as when I went to sleep. Sure wish I was in Cali right now..... with all these nice clone only strains.


haha the dream is great had a quarter of this a month and a half ago it looked dead on those first couple nuggs i thought it smelled of blueberry muffins tho haha great smoke for sure would love to get a hold of that cut.