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Black Jack - Jack 47. F1 Fast Version 2014 [Test Grow]


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Hey guys i know this threads been dead a while now but i just got these sweetsweeds F1FV black jack seeds. this is the first fast version plant ive ever grown and i was curious if these still need to be switched to 12/12 to go into flower, you never mentioned switching light in the journal but sweetseeds specifically labels these "feminized non-autoflowering" which leads me to believe 12/12 is needed for flower, can someone please answer this for me! ive tried searching it and posting on other forums with no results from either :(


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Hi Jackskelly!
thanks for passing by, Fast version are feminized photo-dependent plants, but with a short time of flowering, that's the only one difference. So, you need to change to 12/12 to start the flowering time.

There is a good article that explain all this very well, we hope to share it very soon with all of you here on Icmag, but if you look on internet, you could find it if you type: "New F1 FV Strains [Article] ★ All About the F1 FAST VERSION"

I have a little article here:


And a new diary:


Hope this helps you mate!
Sweet Smokes!


couple freebies took 6 weeks to look like that they are fast :) jack black and sad, if someone dont get white text

really liked how the jack tasted!=)
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