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These are time flies for you. Take one a day starting tomorrow.

I tried to lay down one night in a place far away when I was very weary. I was unable to go another step so I lay down hopeless and tried to stop breathing. That did not work. Timing was all wrong. I got up and here I am.

Thanks buzz. The flies are hilarious, and the Moody Blues are beautiful. I have frequently sung that tune, both as a cynical commentary on life during 'strange moments', or just because... it's true.

we've gotten about 15" of snow out of this blast thus far, and it's still coming down thicker than snot. A mildly heavy damp snow at somewhere near 25-28 degrees f., with a forecast for winds up to 35 mph, tells me that what comes next, before we drop to 0 f., (common occurrence with occluding fronts), is that we're apt to see some trees drop on power lines, so the week preceding departure for the slicing and dicing is apt to be a bit interesting.. (*My youngest son is knowledgeable re. stringing the 100' 12/3 extreme weather cord out the barometric make-up air vent in the basement, out to the shed, and hooking up one of the 2 Honda generators we have, to run just the 2 top floors of the house on the boiler, if the power shuts down, but it's always an easier task with a second set of hands on-board).

Felt pretty good this morning (better than in a long while; almost like my old 'internal balance' was coming back), but the early and mid-day lethargy took hold long enough to allow me to check messages, visit a bit, and have a decent breakfast and lighter beginning to lunch.

Chores for the moment are out of the way, my boy's out snow-blowing the driveway, and I'm headed back into the soilless mixes.

It occurred to me that the day of my surgery will be (in addition to the 3 days shy of 6 months since my dx, mentioned earlier) 2 months and 27 days since the last CT Scan indicated there was no metastasizing at that time, though, as mentioned, a CT Scan doesn't compare to the F17 PT Scan. So there have been some internal discussions with myself, born of attempting to alleviate worry, as well as talking with my wife, re. whether or not, with the lycopene tx., CBD/THC tx, and the sulforaphane tx., as well as a primary adherence to the vegan diet, there might have been scant chance for the pole vaulters among the cancer cells to jump to the pelvic bone, etc.

These days the muscles' discomfort and response to what is likely caused by the L4-L5 nerve pinch, resulting in curiosity re. whether or not there is 'long-bone pain from any migration of the cancer'?

Questions that can't be answered for now, until pathology and more scans come through.

The temp's up to +30 f., so the snow has gotten more wet and heavy, and the wind is kicking up notably now, so my prediction re. downed trees and power lines, and questionable power supply, seem to be getting 'closer to real.'

"It's ALWAYS SUMPTHIN'!!!" (Rozanna Rosanna Danna)

I'm back to work in the shop to make a bunch more of the newer soilless mix, then in the next coupe days, break down and thoroughly clean the HRV, and get our outrageous amount of luggage packed for the 'Journey to Mecca.'


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Sending nothing but good vibes my friend, never lose hope, hope is everything...;)


Hope's always been a double-edged sword, helping to continue on with little else, but sometimes holding out for results that never come or come much later on.

But that's where it's at for now. Pensively awaiting the outcomes, no way to speed the clock up, and unsure of the sincerity of my desire to read or hear them. If they're good, bring 'em on!! :) If they're depressing or abysmal I'd just as soon find a way to discard them and ask for a new dealer. :)

But we're on a course with the auto-pilot set, heading down that proverbial mountain road. Curves, bumps, cliffs, erosion etc., be damned.

Thank you for the kind wishes. Sincerely. every positive word matters.


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Parachutes are optional. Support is in place.

Thanks, buzz.

Word form the primary nurse/surgeon's office yesterday is that my CBD & THC therapies are OK, right up through the morning of surgery, but not the morning OF surgery.

I believe she got frustrated earlier, when I was asking, in classic OCD fashion, for clarification re. supplements, versus those concentrated sources of those same supplements in plant or other foods, and quitting the sulforaphane (as an example), but not quitting the broccoli sprouts, that have substantially greater concentration of the sulforaphane than the supplements.

Sometimes those of us who are hung up on lots of specific details (because they typically matter), can be a source of frustration for those who are not too terribly bothered by details.... And vice versa, of course, as well.

Still have a bit of the electric anxiety in the chest and gut upon waking, but not as pronounced as it was. There's intermittent fleeting peace in the surrender to the source at hand. One way or another, I guess we'll see 'what's in that box that Johnny's holding.'

Cleared about 3' x 16' x 10" of an ice & snow curtain that was hung up on the eave of the north side of the house, poised to drop near my direct-vent boiler flue. despite the 2' eaves we built on the main house, the curve that develops in such a curtain tends to catch air as it drops, like an aircraft wing, thus floating in a bit closer to the house as it drops. Took a piece of old laminated base trim and carved away at it, as I didn't want it to drop on the flue in our absence when my son's home alone.

None the less, the weather indicates we've set records for temps and precipitation for April now. Several years back we had a run of April weather, a number of years in a row, when we reached into the +80's f. while still in April. This week they're calling for a low of -20 f. still, sometime near Friday night, and it was -18 f. on our front porch this morning, so the likelihood of sufficient melt to clear the roof before we go is scant.

Ran out of vermiculite in the soilless mix production yesterday, and the sources where my bargains for such things come from were out as well. So I bit the bullet and paid $75 for 3.5 cu. ft. of vermiculite. Replaced a number of other items for the tasks yesterday as well, so should be out of the soilless mixes this morning or so; into batch number 8 at the moment, and will likely finish batch number 9 shortly, at which time I ought to have about 234 gallons of mix. I didn't want to have to lift any heavy bags of amendments, or ask others to do so, after I return from surgery, as there'll be lifting restrictions.

I was told by the primary nurse the other day that the surgeon may want to fix my ventral hernia before doing the radical prostatectomy, if he determines there's a risk to the tissue there from the methods employed for the surgery (using air lines to inflate the skin of the abdomen like a tent, to afford a place for the equipment to work, via the 6 holes they put into that area for air, camera(s), tools/knives, etc. I occasionally think of the Challenger Space Shuttle, and that O-ring; what could possibly go wrong with a computer-driven set of razor sharp scalpels, air lines and cameras?)

Word yesterday from the place we're staying is they won't allow use of hot plates in the rooms, so we have to use the communal kitchen for good homemade food prep, or do microwave stuff in the rooms, or order out, which we don't do since a year ago and C-19.

Most all other plans are firmed up now, including the town car service, and clarification of the itinerary for pre-surgery C-19 testing at another facility, consultations before and after the deed, and so forth. The only thing yet to confirm is a vegan meal plan for the day or 2 I'm in the hospital.

What ever comes after that, well.... is what ever happens.


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I am going to offer a little unsolicited advice. Go easy on fixing things and prepping things and soil mixes. Narrow your focus and catch your breath for a spell. That's all I have to say about that. ;)

Get those questions answered, and make them think on the other end of the line. They are working for you now, and they need to realize you have a need for information that is critical to your well being. This is about you.

I got a new gadget today. I sent my reels into Jim for servicing. I bought 1000m of 20 lb. Chinese braid to spool the reels. I use spinning reels and they can be a pain to keep twists out of the line when refilling. Nothing like a good gadget. I'm going coastal soon.



I am going to offer a little unsolicited advice. Go easy on fixing things and prepping things and soil mixes. Narrow your focus and catch your breath for a spell. That's all I have to say about that. ;)

Get those questions answered, and make them think on the other end of the line. They are working for you now, and they need to realize you have a need for information that is critical to your well being. This is about you.

I got a new gadget today. I sent my reels into Jim for servicing. I bought 1000m of 20 lb. Chinese braid to spool the reels. I use spinning reels and they can be a pain to keep twists out of the line when refilling. Nothing like a good gadget. I'm going coastal soon.

Thanks buzz.

Nice tune by the Waterboys. A distinct Bob Dylan sound. Nice music. Thanks. I was previously unfamiliar with them.

My younger son is off to receive his 1st round of the Pfizer vax, so in town with his mother.

I have some cuttings for the next go of cannabis for extraction, both THC-A and THC, and they're in 3"x3" cubes currently, and while they are coming out of their funk, they haven't yet filled in the root zones to the extent I would like them to before moving to 5" or 6" cylindrical or square pots, but they need to head into them anyway, or they're going to bottom out in the 3" cubes in my absence, and then start reaching even faster. Trying to coordinate their root development and height with surgery to the extent that I don't have to cut down or radically prune a jungle, or end up with root compaction when I move them to their 5-gallom or Classic 2200 pots for the final run after I return home from Seattle.

One delicate part is already blown by my procrastination, born of depression the last bunch of months; my developed preference to have the mix sit for at least 2 months in the totes, slightly wetter than barely damp, to activate the slower-to-release organics. So stair-stepping it a bit more than normal, will allow for the additional mix remaining in the totes to activate better, while still having some of the premature stuff to stick them in, with the 5" & 6" pots. Another self-generated Chinese puzzle of sorts. not the first time.

But I figure they're easier to deal with before they slice and dice, rather than after. And I'm down to almost done with batch #8, and the final batch #9 (slightly smaller in volume) will be done 1.5 hours after batch 8 is finished, and I've puffed on a vape of some Satori #2.

The transplanting of cuttings that will remain mine, will take place before I go, and give them just shy of, or at, 2 weeks to develop roots in the 6" pots, with them getting topped again at the time of departure, to both bush them a bit, and to make sure they are slowed a bit in growth in my absence.

That way, when I return, I'll rest for a day or so, then move the girls headed into flower, into the 5 & 7-gallon pots, and the girls that belong in the mother cupboard (the new generation of matriarchs) into the 1.5 gallon pots for the LED-conversion mom zone.

It's nip and tuck, but the best way I have at the moment to lessen work for others, make sure I have material to make my extract from, and not have the girls get out of control.

The ice curtain is a matter of knowing what can happen when the air and Murphy get involved in such fiascos, and not wanting my younger son to have to deal with a temporarily (or worse) heat outage in our absence. Trust me, for those issues where he can help out in our preparation for departure by delegating tasks to him, he's wearing a huge invisible catcher's mitt. Every time I remember something that needs done before our departure, in the way of tasks that fall to him, he grimaces a bit, but he knows it's all necessary or I wouldn't be doing it. :)

The line loader tool I've looked at before. We often just stick a pencil through the center hole on a spool of 50-lb. test Spider Wire, in the dark moss green color, and one person provides limited tension on the spool, to prevent the thing from getting too out of hand, while the other cranks, but I've considered the tools like that in the past.

Digital pocket scale I purchased for the salts measuring for the mixes will be delivered to me tomorrow.. after all the mixes are finalized. :)

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About 48 hours until blast-off time. Packing (once again) one of the strangest assortments of gear ever to enter a checked piece of luggage in my life's memory. Mild to moderate sense of desperation tempered by surrender to the circumstances on a few instances in the quieter moments of the night.

A member of the Hippie School in the Yukon Territory from the 1970s, had been holding back details from others whom I no longer have much relationship with, often for reasons in my own consideration re. integrity and meaning in life. She asked if she could share my circumstances with her small prayer group on Monday night, across Canada, East Coast to West, via ZOOM, ironically the night before my surgery. I wept a bit, quietly, as I know I closed doors on many of these folks, albeit with the best of reasons in my mind, and now a mutual friend is asking them to carry my needs to what ever Lofty Being might be listening. Me, the would-be recipient of such Cosmic Gifts, should they be real, and me being an Agnostic. It was all a bit humbling, thus the tears that stayed more private.

Travel plans lodged with the credit card folks, most all of the groceries gathered for my youngest son and his willingness to tend the house, pups, and more in our absence (yes, there's some special treats in there for him, and he bought more for himself beyond all of that.

The second hot plate, purchased for a pittance, again, failed to meet temperature needs and expectations on the lowest setting, suitable for evaporation below 170 f., so I've had to spend a bit more money on a more serious laboratory hot plate made by a known manufacturer of such things. Not cheap, but a lot less spendy than some pro lab gear, so I can likely extract both THC and THC-A when I return home, as I'll be VERY low at that time on my extracts.

Town run today to pay off the 4 bills that are either due, or coming due during our absence, so my youngest boy is covered for any impending financial obligations in the near future.

Headed down to minus 30 f. tonight, per NOAA, and warming after we leave. not too sure what, if any message should be derived from that kind of send-off by Mother Nature.

My cell phone received a call from a family therapist the other day; no message, just a missed call. Might've been a wrong number, but I considered that it might be my older son having an attack of conscience, knowing I' headed south for cutting, and that this is indeed a cross-roads; some die on the table, like the 42-year-old local woman the other day, who was reportedly undergoing a routine medical procedure at our local hospital, and never came out of anesthesia. She left a husband and a 5-year-old son.

I consider post-op infection, random errors (even by the best of the best, these can occur), and anesthesia OD as primary initial issues, not to mention the forewarning I received about blood loss during this procedure, and it echoes in my mind, the importance of saying "Good luck, and fare thee well" when folks head under the knife.

Back to packing, showering, shaving, and the (possibly) last town trip before we hit the skies.

Article in the local Fairbanks paper ( this AM reports on the infection of folks who've been vaxxed, but who have lesser symptoms as a result of the vax. The frequency with which folks either don't pay attention to pertinent information, or seemingly just don't care, one or the other, is a bit alarming, and disconcerting, where questions re. prospects of evolution and wisdom of our species is concerned.


John Hiatt, Live, New Haven, Connecticut, Toad's Place, 1994

'Feels Like Rain'

Feels Like Rain (Live (1994/Toad's Place, New Haven, CT)) - YouTube

And Buddy Guy, smiling his way quite proudly through his son, Greg Guy, joining him on stage, for the same tune; 'Feels Like Rain', at Buddy Guy's Legends, January 12, 2012

Questionable sound, as a result of the shoot being done on what appears to be a smart phone, but impressive work, none the less. And seeing Mr. Guy be SOOOO proud of his son, and beaming with that joy, wellllllll... That's just too cool.

buddy and greg guy Feels Like Rain /Voo Doo Child jan 12 2012 nunupics - YouTube


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If good thoughts become prayers there are lots of prayers being offered from your cyber friends here.

Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Safe travels and skillful surgeon.


If good thoughts become prayers there are lots of prayers being offered from your cyber friends here.

Safe travels and skillful surgeon.

Thank you, buzz. We'll see soon what transpires. All miracles and positive vibes are welcome. Hoping the surgeon filled his quota for Murphy Moments in the past weeks or months.

Updating meds and supplements lists, starting some veggie bedding plant trays, to have under domes in our absence; the longer-to-sprout seeds in particular, such as peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, and maybe some lettuce. Possibly others. Low maintenance, other than to maintain a bit of moisture under the lids. Not too much additional burden for our son. Spud seeds are coming from 2 sources the first week of May; the old spud seed sources, 1 from Alaska and 1 in Colorado, both chose the same year (last year) to retire, so we had to grope a bit at the last minute to find my heirloom Irish veggie seed..

Kitchen table's covered the sundry odd-ball gear to be put into luggage to be checked (Club 49 lets us fly with 2 free checked bags, which is cool, as if a bag goes over 50 lbs., up to 100 lbs., they want a crisp $100 bill for the weight.

A couple of folks have stepped forward (again) and offered a variety of support services while we're down that way. I'm thankful for their offers, and accept, humbly.

Back to transplanting my girls, making veggie trays, & packing, packing, & packing.

-18 on the front porch this morning. We dodged the -30 f. bullet NOAAA had forecast. I'll take it.

More to do before we head to the airport tomorrow.



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The girls are all in premature but relatively well-balanced mix, and they look hopeful. 1st place for root balls goes to Bodhi's White Lotus (my WL #4), with a close 2nd going to Bodhi's Goji OG (my #8).

Gear's just about all packed. Still need to weigh the bigger checked bag, to make sure it is well under the 50-lb. line, to avoid the $100 bill attached to that issue. Pill trays are all filled out appropriately, except for the THC extract capsule trays; they're frozen and I'm intentionally dragging my feet a bit to get them in at the last moment, so they don't spend to much time thawed.

Need to do a run-down with the person tending my girls, so they know my expectations to a 'T' re. moisture levels, etc.

May get far enough ahead this afternoon to run into town and get a few smaller, soft, portable containers of a cabernet sauvignon or Malbec for my wife to put into her checked bags.

Final stages, crossing t's and dotting i's. Still need to take alcohol swabs to the vaporizer.


John Hiatt

'Child of the Wild Blue Yonder'

Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder - YouTube


Thanks, buzz. Flight went well, though I initially left my cell phone at home, causing a high-speed detour we hadn't planned for.

Got mt pre-op C-19 test a bit ago, and getting ready for the pre-op consult with the surgeon.

I'm going forward on auto-pilot at this point; going through the motions, though my heart's not in it. Like I crawled onto a variable-speed conveyor belt, that's going to tke me to a place I may not find desirable for a while..... if ever. It is what it is at this time.

I've already received rich blessings from a forum member, and another visit to come from another member this PM.

Limited time t stock up on items we'll need here, but for which it's best if we get them done while I'm more ambulatory, and my wife has fewer demands coming from me.

The accommodations are very much what a person would expect if they were to combine a hospital room with a hotel room. Literally; right down to the recliner being THE recliner in half of the hospital rooms across the US.

Don't know that I can leave any tunes in posts for now, as the lap top I'm on doesn't function exactly like my home computer, but we'll see.

Thanks again. Take care.


Tracy Chapman, Live, Oakland, Ca., 12/04/88

'All That You Have is Your Soul'

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