AK-47 & HDF Side By Side Bio-Bucket Style!!!



BT , congratulations for what u did .
I am totally impressed , tired after all this reading but i m gonna sleep with a smile on my face tonight looking forward for my own results using this system.

I d like to thank you for your explainations and time spent on that thread .

I will probably need some help since i m gonna start my own bio buckets and hope to get it from u if needed.

once again , thx


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hey BT- do you see any big problems with using an aero or bubble cloner with no medium rather than oasis cubes to root with and put in a bio-bucket? can you, or anyone else recommend me a way to do that?


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ok here is my idea: i am using neoprene discs to hold the clones in the bubble cloner so ill remove the whole disc and set it on top of the volcano rocks, with the roots just danglin. is this going to fail miserably?




Are you not wanting to use the rock?? All you really need is something to hold the plant verticle. I have a bubble cloner I had never used until a couple of months ago. It works great. I always sucked at cloning until now! Not really knowing how to do things I ended up taking a cutting and put it in a rockwool block that I cut in half so I could put the cutting in their without knocking the rooting hormone off. I use a powder and is easy knocked off, but it works good. Cut the rockwool in half and lay the cutting in between the two halves. I stick that in the plastic net. Now that they have big ZZTOP beards of roots hanging off them they are still dangling in those nets. I plan on leaving them that way. Good luck!




Ok BT you sold me. I just read this from cover to cover and wow im impressed. So after years of ebb and flow im goin bio. Goin to have a room 20x20x10. Which is much bigger than what ive always had.

What are your light bills with 3600W?...I.E. whats the cost of runnin 3600w

The growth regulators you speak of...phosphoload?..and if so what rate and duration are you running it and when?

With a 20x20x10 how big of an AC and dehum would you use?

Would you seal the room?..[lol im a lil confused on the sealed room thing]

My tap water is 400ppm ive never used tap but do you think it is ok at 400ppm to use in bio-bucket?

Thx in advance. Ill be picking your brain if you dont mind for the next few months if you dont mind?. Again very impressive. Im goin to change everything and do it like you do im so impressed...lol


Thank you very much BT for all the info. I have learned so much and had so much fun reading your several threads. With no experience at all i hope to set up my own bio-bucket system purely from your guidance and whatever i can throw into the mix. Thanks again.


There are a lot of questions being asked that have already been answered in this, and other threads (by BigToke).
Guys, you should try to take some time to skim through what's been posted earlier. I know it can be a pain.

I believe BT was using 3400 Watts of light (mix of 6's and 4's)
and no, no CO2.



here ya go a.k.a_Herb, I’ve had a change of hart so here’s a few pic’s of my harvest and the total yield was nine-pounds two-oz and six grams altogether. The AK-47 yield and the Heavy Duty Fruity was on average the same but I prefer the AK-47, my goal was twelve pounds but I ran in to some small problems, I would have had enough to go over ten pounds but I lost several oz to mold!! Here’s a few pic’s enjoy!!

stunning buds mate great grow im setting about designing one of these for my next grow for sure!!