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About to start my Journey … PCK , Malawi x PCK and Violeta

So excited . I started 16 various seeds and 15/16 sprouted healthy seedlings within 4 days . Such vigorous healthy seeds 👍
PCK regs
Violeta fems
Malawi x PCK fems
These are prob gonna be the beginning of my outdoor stock but I hope to run a batch to sex and see what phenos I have here . Will update as things move along . .🤞


Good luck my friend I'll be pulling up a chair to see the show I got a couple strains like that. Did you get from Ace seeds?
The babies are growing fast . Im getting over some “ LED issues” my area is cold and dry in the winter and Im still getting the veg tent dialed in . Heres a quick pic . They look like sturdy maple trees . They will be cloned and held in veg for about 8 weeks til my next flower run is complete .
View attachment 1708644824810.jpeg
A few Malawi x PCK . Very large leaves . Showing a few different looks - narrow , medium and wide leaves .
@dubi - Should I expect a major pheno difference in the Violetas vs the M x PCK since they are very similarly bred I assume ?

What is the easiest way to post pics ? Copy n past right onto post or use hosting site and add the link ? Sorry its been a while .
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