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A Cannabis Currency


As ONE we beat a different path

As ONE we beat a different path

I'm not really looking at it as a "get rich quick" scheme. There's 50 million different named coins out there now. This one is for OUR community. I support our cannabis community any way I can, and this is just one other way to do it. Like writing my government officials, or gathering sigs for a legalization drive. Not expecting to make any money off of it. With my wimpy video card, I doubt I could mine much at all anyway!

On the Potcoin Subreddit, peeps give it away in tips. There's even a "faucet" you can tap every 12 hours that drips small fractions of the coin to anyone who hits it. Maybe instead of a faucet they should call it a community joint? Hits for all?

WallstreetCoin, KittehCoin, BeerCoin, UFOCoin, even RonPaulCoin? Damn straight there should be a Potcoin! If cryptocurrency is here to stay, then I'll support the one for cannabis. CannaCoin would have been my preference for the name tho. Although Potcoin is better than DopeCoin (which also exists).

Only with the unlikely are we likely to ever change the impossible. I agree: ANY which way that represents our community in a positive, green light. We must trying many an experiment until the answer presents itself. Well met man, good luck to ya!


The Doctor is OUT and has moved on...
So I am watching the news and I see my buddy Dennis Rodman wearing a T-Shirt advertising "POTCOIN.COM".


Let's just say, if you recall the days when he partied like no animal alive at his Newport Beach pad...you gotta say, The Worm has certainly matured. Instead of chasing underage skirts--he is now stalking Dead Presidents. Gotta pay the bills!

For what its worth (FWIW for you all you snowflakes), a chart of the cryptocoin symbol "POT"...$0.17603753 USD as of this post.