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2023 Grow Show with Mars Hydro Tents & Lighting

Lester Beans

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I am starting a little early with the 2023 stuff but I am done with the crap 2022 had to offer lol.

The Plan:

I have a Mars TSW2000 in a Mars 3.5x3.5 and a Mars FCE3000 in a 4x4 currently vegging Female seeds for cuttings to search for mothers. A good portion of the year will be selecting mothers for seed production.

I am ordering a Mars 4x8 to flower out the results. I plan on lighting that with 2 FCE3000's which will be ordered as well.

Plants will be grown is soil and hydroponics at some point. Right now there will be lots of plants and small soil containers until plants mature and selections are made. I have a soil mix cooking and in the meantime I am using a blend of Fox Farm Happy Frog and FF Strawberry Fields to get the ball rolling. Top dressing with dry amendments and Botanicare products for any quick fixes. Simple stuff but bulletproof until I get my soil chugging along.

Genetics on deck..

TRSC Afghan Mix
Mendo 20/20 Humboldt Afghan
Dr. Blaze Runtz S1
Exotic Genetix Cherry Bang Bang
Exotic Genetix Ruby Grand
Exotic Genetix Big League Sherb
Big Buddha Blue Cheese
Unknown Skunk
Mosca Raspberry Boogie
Mosca Strawberry Gushers (most likely cull as half of the plants auto under 24/7)
GG4 from bagseed
C99 clone 132 from previous selections
Cookies breeding project (pictured)

X-RAY f5
Icmag O-Haze
MAHA Incense Sticks
MAHA Asian B
Real Gorilla Purkle #1
Ace Seeds New Caledonia
Ace Seeds Panama
C99 Kwik Seeds
C99 (Hazeman) x Blueberry F4 (DJ Short) fem project

There are more but that's off the top of my head.

I lost my cuts and most of my seeds over the Summer but luckily have my work that was being stored by a friend. The rest came from friends or recent purchases. Let's see what's good and what's not, shall we?

To quote StonedTrout.. YEEEEHAAAAAW!


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do you know much about dr. blaze seeds? have you popped the runtz yet? i can't find a lot of info. they have the names, but no pics or grow diaries to be found anywhere.