living soil

  1. T

    TheSquaadFather's Beginner Organic Grow ft Schism (T.I.T.S x Chem91 Bx3)

    Hey all! Welcome to my first journal, thanks for checking it out! Feel free to comment or ask about anything. Im a new grower and learning new things every day. Working on my 3rd harvest here soon, and went from coco + synthetics -> soil + synthetics -> Fully Organic! Ill be setting up a 3x3...
  2. Antoine Mack

    Antoine's Eurobox-Beet

    Hallo liebe Freunde der hortikulturellen Unterhaltung. Bin gerade dabei, meinen ersten Indoor-Grow seit etwa 15 Jahren in die Wege zu leiten. Dachte, ein Report dazu wäre ganz fresh. Mein erster Grow-Report ever, wohlgemerkt. Also seid gnädig. Konstruktive Anregungen sind natürlich immer...
  3. Antoine Mack

    Lebendige Erde - Fragen, Antworten und Überlegungen

    Hallo zusammen. Da ich ja bald ein Projekt mit LivingSoil beginnen will und da sicher auch für andere viele Fragen noch offen sind, es hier aber auch schon einige Spezies gibt, dachte ich, es wäre nicht verkehrt, einen extra Fred zu dem Thema zu starten, wo man dann über alles, was damit zu tun...
  4. FarmerBrownABQ

    Banana Cream Sundae: Atlas Seeds

    Grown by me. 4x4 tent, EarthBox using living soil (BAS 3.0) week 9 in flower. LINEAGE (Banana Cream x Jealousy) x Gelato 41
  5. jayr1787

    4x4 tent led grow. 4x8 led hid grow. Organic living soil.

    Hello friends I'm Jay R. Today I'll be posting here 2 of my grows together. I grow in a full organic living soil i have grassroots living soil pots and a 4x8 raised bed by grassroots. Both have the liner built in to keep the soil moist, so just like in nature the soil dries from the top, down. I...
  6. Birmaan

    Highliger Birmaan Grow - Sanlights, Living soil, No Till - zwangspause - endless -

    Alooha und Salüü zu meinem Grow Report Starten wir mit dem Setup. Das Grosse Zelt misst 1x1x2m und ist mit, Zwei Sanlight Q6W 2.1 mit Bluetooth Dimmern S&P TD Silent 550m³ mit passendem AKF Genügend Ventis für die Umluft Im Moment noch 9L Töpfe. Von Hand gegossen und wiederverwerte und...
  7. Grünesblatt

    Floorganics under led? Someone experience with it?

    Hello, I've been using biobizz for a long time and there were hardly any problems with ndl, but with led it's different. I have major problems with calcium deficiencies. Do you know Floorganics? Living soil sounds great. But what i actually wonder is if you get the same problems under led...
  8. S

    Two separate plants- one with white spots (looks like it was bleached) one with variegation on leaf and leaf “turning” sideways

    Hello everyone, I would love some advice on what might be happening with my plant, or soil. Two separate plants, one as you can see has these white spots on it that look like someone splashed bleach on it. (We’ll say plant #1) The second one (plant #2) has developed these variegated leaves where...
  9. L

    living soil amendments and ratios check

    I’m making my first organic/living soil within the next few days, so I could use some feedback. I’m a late to have it finished cooking by my target date as there were shortages of everything from perlite to kelp/alfalfa meal. Done a lot of reading. I see 2-3 cups fert/additives per cubic foot is...