ladybugs bubba

  1. med-man

    the prairie medicinal harvest cup

    What's up ya'll med-man brand will be attending the prarie cup this year. Come one come all. And bring your best entrees! time to set sask on fire med-man
  2. M

    Strain Harvest Windows

    I'm thinking if getting some WCSD, Ladybug Bubba and PurplePainKiller. Problem is, I'm running 8wk strains and am curious if I can find phenos that fast of your strains. Will colors come that early? Thoughts?
  3. phatpharmer

    Grow Show Medman gear #phatpharmer #phatpharms

    Hi guys I have some time and more importantly some space so I'm going to get to start some new beans. I'll be growing the Road kill skunk 1&2 testers as well as Medmans Rockstar I'll also be doing a couple other projects I have sitting around AK48 Bubblelicious Deep Purple X bubba Kush and Deep...
  4. phatpharmer

    Lady Bug Og 8week cure #phatpharmer #phatpharms

    Hi guys iv been away awhile getting ready for the new MMAR changes hoping like most that the government gets there head out of there asses lol I thot id post some of my Medmans LBOG finished product pics ill post some of the plant pics soon or you can follow me on instagram Phatpharmer theres...
  5. Kush4me

    Med-Man Brand Ladybug Kush. PPK, WCSD, and bonus

    Here are some pictures of some med-man beans I just popped. I will try and keep you updated on this. I used the med-man method to pop these and it worked great. I lost 3 out of 50 (my fault)
  6. phatpharmer

    Lady Bug Og Day 43 flower

    Hey guys thought id share a few pics of my Lady Bug Og they are day 43 of flower they are heavy crystal production forsure Im extremely happy Ill be keeping this in my stable if it smokes half as good as it looks lol The foliage is turning nice shades of purple. Ill probally take to 56days...
  7. beanja

    Purple Ladybug's bubba

    Some real nice chunky bubba kush buds, so sweet the smell.
  8. beanja

    WCSD and Ladybug's Bubba

    First pic is an overhead view of a topped 4 wk old WCSD seedling next to a Dj short Flo same age. Then we got a side shot of wcsd , lots of little branches starting. These little bastards stink, i mean really bad and there only 4 wks old in veg.They were just replanted into a 2.5 gal pot for...
  9. G

    BC Special Kush

    Looks like a killer cross, with NL5/purp Kush and OG Kush its gotta be something special!...anyone have experience with the Spec. Kush? Yield, potency and high? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Gws "special kush aka silver kush - purple kush x northern lights #5. i used an og kush male...
  10. med-man

    ladybugs bubba

    ladybugs bubba is a clone only from chiliwack bc. unique in growth to all my other bc "bubbas". i real "trenwrecky" plant. weakest branches, very viney. great vigor. really stretchy too. i used a tahoe og kush male that was similar in growth pattern to outcross. these f-1's are avialble now...