1. med-man

    GSP™ girl scout pebbles

    GSP™ kind kup cookies x fruity pebbles og (sour diesel x forum cut) x (special bc skunk x tahoe og) an amazing specimen, imagine a massive yielding, resin excreting and extremely pungent commercially viable strain. smells like cereal, cookie dough, skunk . a real winner in every way. both...
  2. V

    "canadas first cannabis act trial won"

    "First #cannabisact case won in canada" When you are an expert in cannabis #production, #processing, #business and #law even the "cannabis authorities" dont want anything to do with me #lgca dropped all #charges now we are getting a #lawyer and #suing them and the #rbcconventioncenter...
  3. misterD

    Fruity pebbles OG

    Hola icer's I saw that droped online today! Is it a F2 ? ... it's prolly too early to relate, but any info would be appreciate! :peacock:
  4. S

    Shed some light on Fruity Pebbles?

    Medman, can you shed some light on Fruity pebbles? Got 15 and have no idea as to what they are.
  5. S


    Amongst some freebies i recieved were seeds labeled 'OgSK'. I set a couple off recently and got this female. She is 21 days into 12/12 flowering and is over 5ft tall, thats with a lot of training too as it stretches like crazy during veg and flower. I have a couple of cuttings from it and they...
  6. F

    OG x SK1

    this is my second run with this strain I have 2 pheno's of it I call this my mutant pheno and I have a grape pheno the first pic is the mother and why I call it my mutant pheno . overall a great strain has a very strong strawberry smell and taste nice strong high was very easy to grow and trim...
  7. F

    OG x SK2

    this is my second run of med man brand OGSK2 the pics was taken day 72 of 75 days in flower I love this strain :woohoo:
  8. bayarea925

    My ppk - wcsd - rsk

    These all have been topped. From seed. Sorry ipad mini flipped the picture. This is my rock star kush. Not sexed. My wcsd not sexed. My ppk not sexed.
  9. med-man

    34 studies proving cannabis cures cancer

    http://www.wakingtimes.com/2013/07/27/34-medical-studies-proving-cannabis-cures-cancer/ med-man