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Emerald Cup 2015

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    Emerald Cup 2015

    ok everyone, people have started harvesting the early strains and the clock is ticking on the rest to come in. always love this time of year. things are different in town. you can see it in peoples eyes the hope and anxiety that comes with harvest. and that smell there are so many grows you you constantly catch a whiff of someones work, that is if you can smell it on top of what you smell the ultimate contest the Emerald cup is coming! dec 12th and 13th..

    im curious to see what people will be entering in the emerald cup this year. for those of you not on the west coast show us what you got anyways. plant shots and outdoor scene photos are great but so are dried flower shots and extracts pics... ill be entering my pineapple trainwreck and redwood kush and possibly loompas head band if one finishes in time for a decent cure which is pushing it. may only be ale to cure it for a week or two.. not what i usually do but hey its a killer strain.

    so lets see or hear about what you've got going on for the cup. we can predict the winner.. lol

    like i said even if your not entering post anyways.

    ill be posting pics asap
    thanks everyone good luck to everyone entering the cup
    gotta give to receive

    current medical grow: gsc forum cut, 303 kush, platinum og, herijuana og, sour bubble, loompa's HB and purple urkle under 10 1k lights scrog set up, 3 gallon grow backs with house and garden coco (best coco i have found yet (humboldt flower company's royal gold coco is a close 2nd. i use there basement mix with great results but the house and garden coco is the best i have seen, blows canna away)

    averaging 1.1 grams per watt in coco with house and garden full line. full strength
    0.9 g/w using heavy 16 full line at full strength in coco (house and garden loose coco or Humboldt flower co's royal gold basement mix)

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      I want to visit with some friends from NorCal and th Emerald Cup would be a perfect excuse to make the trip.

      We were actually just talking about it last night. How hard is it to get into the 215 booths for out of state travelers?


        Originally posted by Bob Green View Post
        How hard is it to get into the 215 booths for out of state travelers?

        I was there in '13. Had no idea I needed a card. So I stood around and started chatting, got a gal to slip her bracelet off and give it to me. Try that...


          Im hoping to make it, it would be my first time going to a cup. Your entries sound tasty Relic1981.
          "I'll be under that cloud of KUSH... It's about to rain terps." #Asnob_Charas feel free to check it out.


            A$nob, the emerald cup is definitely the event to attend. Let's all setup a meetup time to have a ICMAG smoke sesh...


              How much bud to enter? Entry fee on top?
              Only outdoor organic or hash/ concentrates?
              Double OG.


                Originally posted by Bob Green View Post
                I want to visit with some friends from NorCal and th Emerald Cup would be a perfect excuse to make the trip.

                We were actually just talking about it last night. How hard is it to get into the 215 booths for out of state travelers?
                lots of CA mmj docs provide their own laminated ID cards that all look different so it might be possible to spoof a card but those things sometime check ID's too.
                I've been to various mmj events in CA but not the Emerald cup yet.

                if you are out of state try to work a deal with a vendor to get a vendor wristband.

                at HT cups your booth comes with a few bands but you can buy as many as you want onsite for $90.
                the vendor wristband lets you bypass the medical card check.

                I was looking into getting a booth there to sell seeds but they have ridiculous requirements including proof of liability insurance to vend there.
                anybody with a booth there who want to rent out some space PM me.
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                    hmm i wonder if the cup owner is going to win again


                      I will probably enter a couple things just for fun, Dream Beaver and Afkansastan x Snow Lotus i think, maybe one more . I had fun at the cup last year
                      Current grow: Motherlode Gardens 2020


                        If anyone has extra tickets I will take them for me and the lady!!

                        You never know unless you ask.

                        Thank you: one greatfull fellow toker!!
                        JEFE NOCHE


                          I'll be attending this years Cup, and will be entering two of my own cultivars.

                          Endur/ IG calcodankster


                            Chunkypigs - Event insurance is only ~$100 for a 1-3 day event. Just make sure you get a CA seller's permit and you're good to go.


                              I love this event...ill be going. Don't think I'll be entering anything, but I'll be bringing some new stuff from this years OD to smoke and share...

                              @mack 10, it's 3 oz I believe, outdoor, preferably's a rather crusty event, lol...lots of old school NorCal grower heads...