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Number 1 old fart tip

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    Number 1 old fart tip

    Well gang, we are suspose to get wiser as we get older. Been doing a lot of reflecting lately. I thought I would start a thread to compile the best old fart tips for the younger generation. If we all post our number one tip, this thread could be a wealth of information. Ok, here's mine....

    Sugars and starches are stored in the roots during night hours for use by the plant during daylight hours. These sugars and starches not only effect the taste but the burnalility of bud. Harvest should always occur at night before lights come on there by keeping those nasty things in the roots and not in the buds. This combined with flushing will produce the bud with best taste.

    Ok, who's next?

    The most beautiful plant I ever grew

    Growing weed is like having an bad as you want to brag and talk about it to is best to keep it quiet...or the sweetness will come to an end


      I've nothing to contribute here, as I'm nowhere near an old fart, but I think this is a great idea for a thread.
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        1) Letting your water sit out for 24 hours allows the chlorine to evaporate out.

        2) Putting an airstone in your water for 12-24 hours adds dissolved oxygen. (A GOOD thing)

        3) Always check your pH before attempting to correct a deficiency with more fertilizer.

        4) If you are using chemical nutrients adjust your pH to 6.5 or lower BEFORE adding them to your water. Anything higher can damage/alter your nutrients' chemical makeup. (10k)

        5) If using soil, add at least 20% perlite for drainage. Feed every other, or every 3rd watering until you see runoff to avoid salt buildup.

        6) As a general rule of thumb- Blue spectrum for veg ('cool white' fluoros, or MH HID) and Red(ish) for flowering (warm 'white' fluoros, or HPS HID)

        7) Don't let your temps get anywhere near 90+ unless you are adding supplemental CO2.

        8) Potency of your final product will depend more on genetics than any additive or gadget your hydro store will try and sell you. If you are not satisfied with the potency of your buds, get a new strain- not a new bottle of something.

        9) Your own urine (diluted at 1:10 parts water) will work as a fertilizer in a pinch. Though I wouldn't recommend it long term, nor on flowering plants.

        10) Ventilation and circulation are two different things and both very important to your plants' growth. Do some research and get them both figured out before you turn on your light and fry your plants.


          Without a perfect environment, no fertilizer will help. Get your room temps and co2 levels perfect before messing with anything else.


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                My in your circle..more of my friends got busted by showing thier grows off to a friend of a friend, or smoking weed with a friend of a is so hard to make new friends if you can't let them in to your circle..but be careful, go slow, take along the newbies a few times without talking about or smoking weed. Make friends you can trust slowly and carefully. DD.
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                  Keep a spare roll of toilet paper on the tank. You'll be happy you did.




                      Number 1 old fart tip

                      remove crank from trousers then start peeing.......


                        i love this thread idea.
                        although i have only a touch of grey...a perfect environment is unattainable. it is a herb, and it will grow in 90 degree weather.


                          I don’t have any real growing advice; I’ve never been that successful at it.

                          But life… I guess I would say, be skeptical of people who talk too loud and too often.


                            when I started reading this thread I though it was going to be just about growing but since it has turned into just gerneral "old fart tips"

                            Say what you mean and mean what you say, even if it requires thinking beforehand,
                            remember that a wise man speaks beacuse he has something to say and fools because that have to say something.



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