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    Go Mexico! : ) sweet, smokin the bizzle and watching the game.


      wooohooo! yay! 3-1 great! its crazy! peaple partying like animals! hehe! yea i'm partying tooo!

      next match: mexico vs. angola June 16th @ 12pm. can't wait!!!

      angola vs. portugal today @ 12pm... lets see what angola gots?

      blaze it!

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      Viva La Revolucion OG!
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        HOLLAND woohoooo

        Congrats Mexico
        It wasn't me!


          god damn pork and cheese.... but you gotta give it to them. they DOMINATED that game. oooo yeaahhh USA tomorrow baby!!!


            oooo yeahhh cant wait for giving you a lesson from football theory and experience
            tomorrow you will see full power of the Czechs


              everyone who dislikes Argentina is just plain jelous

              btw, Paraguay is located in South America, it boarders with Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, it has no boarders to the ocean either... it is a tiny country, not very inhabited, most of the commercial brick Marijuana is produced there too, which finds its way to all the above mentioned countries as well as Chile and even Bolivia... it is very crappy quality, Colombian commercial bricks are lot better and even these leave a lot to be desired, as all commercial bud does...

              one love everyone.
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     what u rep don?


                Thanks Paz, now I will be able to find it on my little globe. I have decided to root for my hemisphere, and we consider Aussies as naughty cousins, so I gotta root fer our mates. After that, anybody who kicks iran's ass is cool. Is there really still a Czechloslovokia? I thought you chaps imploded into the former tribal groups, is the country still there? Don't hurt our lads too bad now, he hehea.

                By the way, does anybody mind if we just go ahead and turn iran into a parking lot?


                  Originally posted by hazyfontazy
                  this is the outcome when the wages of the team are greater than the supporters income ,,pay the puffs real wages theyd soon score ,,football its just about the money ,,real football is down the park on a sunday afternoon after 6 pints and 20 fags
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                    Yay! Czech 5 - 1 USA last time they play against each other. That was 16 years ago tho, but today.. The pigs have come home to roost! USA is going down baby, they going down!!

                    I keeeed i keeeeeeeeeeeed


                      I hope the US can draw against the Czechs...that would make Italy's job a little easier when we destroy Ghana.
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                        Originally posted by Oyster Magnet
                        Yay! Czech 5 - 1 USA last time they play against each other. That was 16 years ago tho, but today.. The pigs have come home to roost! USA is going down baby, they going down!!

                        I keeeed i keeeeeeeeeeeed
                        This is not your DADs team.... Team USA is going to win, Sorry Czech fans but this is not hockey. Usa is here to send all you non believers home. I will remind you that we have 3 of the worlds best players(proven in your Euro league) the proof is coming very soon. oh yea didn't USA beat MEXICO to qualify to the World Cup???? yep thats what I thought.


                          Here we go fans... Hey Czech fans I meant no disrespect about the hockey comment towards you its USA hockey that sucks!!! The 2 best goalies in the world are here. USA USA USA


                            2-0 down chaps....

                            USA seem to be getting taught a little lesson here!!

                            The Rosicky goal - awesome and he's coming to Arsenal next season. Oh boy!


                              Koller's hamstring's gone.

                              That's a boost 4 every other team in the comp. - that 6ft 7 lanky bastard causes loads of probs!


                                Boy we do SUCK How about atleast kicking it on net from anywhere. It's called Offense not Offensive which is what USA has been. Back to my heritage GO Italy lol