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What was the early 90's light-neon green humboldt strain?

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    Originally posted by johnnybhang View Post
    Any guesses would be welcome, just trying to get an idea of what was coming out of humboldt at the time that was a very light green in color.
    Random humboldt guesses

    Trainwreck (not light green though)
    These are from my mid-2000’s memory so probably not applicable


      Originally posted by WelderDan View Post
      Gainesville Green was piney tasting, and I would describe its as bright green, but not light neon green. Since it was long flowering, it showed up late November, early December and went fast. It would only be around for a month or so and poof, gone until next year.

      It may have been a Gainesville Green cross. Reason I think because those are the same months it showed up in northern California, then it was pretty much gone the rest of the year


        Originally posted by johnnybhang View Post
        Almost 30 years ago, from what I recall a minty flavor, very smooth smoke. It was very popular for a time when brown brick still ruled the scene in northern california. That's really why it stood out so much as a contrast in those years. It was really light green, possibly lighter than blue dream or green crack in color. It really sort of vanished into the late 90's even.

        Hey, Johnny.

        You could ask Tom Hill as he's familiar with that area. He's been on the Chimera forum lately.

        Good luck.


          are you sure it wasn't just the first time you saw indoor? I remember the first time I saw indoor "hydro" I described it as neon. nuclear 19
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            Back in the 90's sensi skunk and super skunk were neon green, although the taste description sounds more like affie, which can be like menthol.


              Originally posted by Big D View Post
              are you sure it wasn't just the first time you saw indoor? I remember the first time I saw indoor "hydro" I described it as neon. nuclear 19

              That may be true on the indoor, I've never seen that light of green color since which makes it even more intriguing. It was so fluorescent it looked painted.


                Found what looks to be a pretty close color to what I remember. This is a florida og from dna. It was posted up on a florida crippy thread on here. It seems more then likely whatever it was came from Florida to California in the 90's, and then vanished about the same time on both coasts.


                  1 bud of kryptonite in a bag people could smell it 100 feet away . As soon as I walk in the door all eyes on me . Where did it go...all stinky weed like I remember is extinct .


                    I’ll add another mention for northern lights. The NL flower we started getting 93 had that look as does the old NL cut we still grow locally.