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    6-10 greenhouse update.

    I did update the Erdpurts in the Ace forum's but for everybody else I will post them up here as well.

    Erdpurt #1

    Erdpurt #2
    Yes they have some bugs eating on them. That happens outdoors, Hell it happens inside the greenhouse to a certain point as well.

    This is my last Original Glue. I culled the other plant this morning. All the outdoor plants have endured tremendous rains and winds with gusts over 50 mph.

    This is the NYCD x Second Sight from my friends at Cannabeizein in Oregon.

    A young Peyote Purple just getting her stride.


      More updates

      My Panama x PCK (green & purple phenotypes). The green is the left plant. Both are really strong and healthy.

      These two are my Blueberries from DJ Short. One is single planted in a 35 gallon root pouch grow bag. The other is sharing a 35# with a Panama D/C trifoliate plant.


        More updates 6-10 GH

        This is my smallest Lebanese plant. She is 1 of 4 I have this season.

        This is my Auto Malawi x Northern Lights f4. These ladies are in a 45 gallon grow bag. They seem very happy and are growing nicely.

        This is a young Bubba Kush x PCK.

        My Bangi Haze f29 reversed x Purple Nepjam f6

        My Purple Nepjam f6 reversed x Bangi Haze f29.
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          More updates

          The Early Bubba Hash

          Canopy of my trifoliate Panama D/C.

          This is the side of the trifoliate Panama D/C and a Blueberry. They are less than two days apart from each other in age. The P D/C is a beast of stout structure. I hope you all have a great upcoming week. Peace


            In my smallest Lebanese plant grow bag I added a Lambsbread x Sour Diesel this morning. I had started 12 seeds for a friend and he didn't come pick them up. By next week they will have or be out growing the small manure pots I started them in. I also culled one of the Original Glues I had so it was replaced with one of my old crosses. The Boogie Chillen I replaced it with is a Hawaiian x La Confidential. I worked through f4's a few seasons ago. I should dust a few seeds off next season and plant them in the greenhouse. It is light years ahead of my old indoor grow room. I mostly use it for drying plants now before curing. Peace


              Thanks Mr Lion soz didnt think of looking there (im have a simple mind ), yours are a step ahead of my 1st one (again) 2 more as seedlings.

              So many different strains you have maybe 1 day ill have a greenhouse like that even if i am further north would be a dream.


                HerbBert, no worries my friend. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed the greenhouse. It's light years ahead of any indoor grow room I've ever had. Even if it's a smaller one, get one brother. You will be so happy you did. I just went out to put the girls to bed for the night and water. I took some pictures this morning and didn't see anything unusual. This evening my two Auto Malawi x Northern Lights have pistils everywhere. These genetics from Ace would work beautiful where you are at. Our flowering times are so short when you rely on the natural light cycle. My grow just got real exciting for me a month earlier than any other season. Peace brother


                  I wish I could but I have no place to put one sadly but on the bright side I have a nice indoor tent after a few years of not growing and buying mediocre weed but my dream is to move have some land a greenhouse rescue chickens etc :P


                    HerbBert, I wish you the best my friend. Many years ago I had a pet chicken. Ebony Cruiser, he would sit on my shoulder and go everywhere with me. When I went into the service, two neighbors competed for my little buddy. My guess is they split custody. They were friends. Peace


                      Thats cool never heard of that with chickens bless um but are you sure he wasn't a parrot did it say pieces of eight alot ?

                      Thanks for the good wishes


                        HerbBert, you crack me up brother. I had a parakeet at the same time. Watching the banny rooster trying to climb in the bird cage was a sight to be seen. Always checking to make sure their foods were the same. He did enjoy pecking the mirror and the other toys.
                        Your plants are looking great. It's supposed to be overcast here tomorrow. If the light is sufficient I will post pictures of the girls. Peace brother


                          6-17 Updates

                          Hello all, I'm going to do a quick blast of pictures. All of the girls are in good shape and doing well. A couple days of sunshine is what will help them mature the most.

                          Blue Thai

                          Critical Cheese


                          Panama x PCK (green left and purple right).

                          EDY from Original Delicatessen.


                            6-17 Updates

                            This is my Auto Malawi x Northern Lights f4. She has been flowering almost a week now.

                            This is my Bubba Kush x PCK.

                            This is the Bangi Haze f29 reversed x Nepjam f6.

                            This is the Nepjam f6 reversed x Bangi Haze f29.


                              6-17 Updates

                              My Blueberry and a Panama D/C trifoliate sharing a grow bag.

                              A single planted Blueberry.

                              A Peyote Purple

                              A NYCD x Second Sight from my friend in Oregon.

                              These are my Early Bubba Hash. Both of them are doing very well and growing into stout strong plants.


                                ooohhh yeah! I really like your strain selection. I have a Deep Chunk cross I'm growing right now as well as some Northern Lights. That Peyote Purple looks very interesting.