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Hello all!!!
Well another season is arriving to North Dakota. This season I'm re using my soil and adding two 35 gallon grow bags. I pulled the root balls out and broke up all soil. I added in a total of 90lbs. of worm castings, two cups of Leonardite in 35's and 3 cups in 45 gallon grow bags. I also added 4 cups of Icelandic Kelp (finely ground)per bag. About 15 new bags of soil were used and two new bags of peat were also mixed in.

I will be using Neptune's fish emulsion with Kelp this season. Last season I used Alaskan Brands. It worked very well but I want the liquid kelp additive for this year. The entire greenhouse was cleaned and reorganized.


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I will put up a list of genetics after I eat a celebratory dinner.


Fungal Repositories
These are the genetics I will be growing this season.

Ace seeds
4 Lebanese landrace plants regular
1 Lebanese x Erdpurt, Fem
1 Early Bubba Hash, Fem
1 Auto Malawi x Northern Lights f3 Fem
1 Auto Malawi x Northern Lights f4 Fem
2 (Purple Malawi x PCK#47) x Purple NepJam Fem
1 Purple NepJam f6 reversed x Bangi Haze f29 Fem
1 Bangi Haze f29 reversed x Purple NepJam f6 Fem

2 Peyote Purple's Reg

1 NYCD x Second Sight Reg

Old world Genetics DJ Short
1 Miners Wife (Nepali OG x ChemDawg= Mothers Milk) x Blueberry f4 freebies Reg
3 Blueberry Reg

I was going to double plant the 45 gallon grow bags. I'm thinking now I will single plant all strains in both 35's and 45's. I will be doing a close study of the NepJam x Bangi Haze crosses and the reversal of same parental plants. I'm curious to see what traits are passed on in the f1 generation. Yes I know to do a real study I need a lot larger numbers to be accurate. I don't have the space for that. The 45 gallon bags that these plants will be in could be double planted yet just for the number ratios. I plan on doing an open pollination with a male from the Lebanese genetics. While in a greenhouse environment I can easily flower until the second week in October. I'm not looking to shorten the flowering cycle of the other plants. The Peyote Purple in particular flowers in 8 to 9 weeks. It just doesn't start flowering as early as some others. The Lebanese should give me a week to two weeks head start on flowering.

My goal is to have genetics that can easily be grown and harvested by end of September or first week of October at the latest. I also haven't made seed inside the greenhouse yet and am curious of the maturity of seeds made. I would like to have six weeks of flower growth with seed.

I hope you will find what I'm doing this year is interesting. Please stop by and check it out. If you have any questions leave a post or PM me. Peace


Fungal Repositories
Nonnin NorCal, Just my camera, I like to chronicle all steps of my grow. Many new growers have said they like the process and I try to be as detailed as possible. To some it might be repetitive and boring. If something doesn't work I want everyone to see why and we can all learn together. Kind of a long answer to a short question. Thanks for stopping by my friend. Peace


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Tis my dream

Tis my dream

To do what you are about to do my good sir. Here's to strong roots and frosty flowers!


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It's my choice, thanks for stopping by. I may move germination up to the first of May if it stays warm. The soil is looking and smelling great. I might add the worms this weekend and let them do their thing. No late winter blizzards in the forecast. Damn near time to go! Peace


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I'm puling up chair and interested in learning more about green house growing.

Why did you choose containers vs growing in the ground?

Is your heater natural gas? Is it for warmth or humidity problems or both?


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Hamstring, my natural soil is rock hard clay and scoria. The small heater is for heat only. I haven't had any humidity issues yet. Good fans and ventilation keep it about right. I do have a regular propane furnace. It should be installed before fall. I will certainly share my experiences with you on greenhouse growing. I'm still learning, but it has been good so far. Peace brother


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Hamstring, my natural soil is rock hard clay and scoria. The small heater is for heat only. I haven't had any humidity issues yet. Good fans and ventilation keep it about right. I do have a regular propane furnace. It should be installed before fall. I will certainly share my experiences with you on greenhouse growing. I'm still learning, but it has been good so far. Peace brother

Ok thanks for the info. Loo forward to watching your progress.:tiphat:


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I have a setup that is close to your GH. I did one thing different by putting down 3 yards of compost for the floor. The plants were never hungry all season and practically burned the green house down from the inside with all the flame that came out of it. GG4,Chem and Sour D all came out better than ever. Nice job sir


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Poochlover711, I actually have a plan along those lines.
I feel I need to refine my soil recycling more before I take that step. I will have a better idea of what I need after this season. I like the way you think.
Peace brother


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Seeds soaking, bags are ready.

Seeds soaking, bags are ready.

Hello all,
I have the seeds soaking in Humic Source Plus and water on a heat pad. I'm not trying to germinate them fully. I will pull the seeds out in the morning and place in final grow bags. They are just being warmed and hydrated after being in the genetics freezer.

Holes in a 45 gallon root pouch grow bag.

35 gallon single hole bag filled with starter mix for seedlings. I'm not a fan of transplanting, (not real gentle by nature).

I used vitamin containers to keep track of strains. Each has a separate color and day for each strain.

All the bags are labeled and waiting for the seeds. I have been watering the bags for a few days now. Hoping the microbial life will get a little start before the seeds germinate. The potting soil is lighter than the bag soil. When the seedlings grow out into the bags they will already have the higher nutrients they will need without any transplanting shock.

I did double up two of the Lebanese plants in a 40 gallon plastic grow tub. This freed up one grow bag for another strain. I really wanted to add an Original Sour Diesel to the line up. The 45 gallon Root Pouch bags are all double planted as well.

They are all like strains in same bags. The Purple PCK x Panama and the Green PCK x Panama are in a single 45 gallon grow bag. I would like to have them all single planted this season, I just couldn't get all the strains I wanted in that way.

I hope all of you have a great weekend and grow this summer.


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Nancee, this is only the second season with these bags. So far I really like them. Reusable, strong and no root issues from binding or excess moisture retention. Incredible root mass in every bag last season. They are 35 and 45 gallon grow bags. One or two plants per bag and they do very well all season. I did plant three plants in two bags last season. They used up the available nutrients quickly and didn't grow evenly. One large plant and two runts. I really like them overall.

Have a great week. Peace

Hemphrey Bogart

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Awesome greenhouse, FL! Lots of things being done right here.

Only thing I might do different at this point is to start a cover crop in each pot before transplanting. This ensures you’ve already warmed up the engine before the plants take a seat. To each his own gotta do what works for you.

I’ve also heard that planting beneficial insect plants like marigolds near the trees will help with insect suppression/diversion, but I have no direct experience using them myself...just taking in observations from others.

Speaking of trees, how tall is that ceiling, FL? Some of those varieties I see on your list are gonna be big girls for’ll be crawling around in there to prune in no time, lol. You could always top them, I suppose.

Best of luck on the season!



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Greetings FarmerLion. Pray you and your family are well. Lovely selection you have in the green house this year. Pray you have a great grow season and enjoy all the stages along the way. Peace, Love and Happy Growing!!!


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ULMW, always great to hear from you brother. Waiting for the seeds to come up. Right after I placed them in soil it cooled down, rained and became overcast. Prayers and best wishes for you and your family too.

Hemphry Bogart, check out grow bag in post 15, no transplanting. Ceiling is 10', plants can be 8' before they are in the roof. I did top a couple plants last season. I'm not a big fan of it myself. Our flowering times are so short with natural light. I didn't have any benefit by topping. Counting stress recovery week. Side branches were a little heavier but overall weight between two Michoacan Creams was a couple grams. Topped plant was 6 grams heavier but didn't have the frost of the untopped plant. I did top about a week before flowering started, it wasn't planned just something to do and observe.
As far as bugs go. I introduce bugs into the greenhouse on a schedule four weeks into the vegetative cycle. Peace