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    "the high-pod"

    hello all, this is my first created thread so please bare with me....I have been slowly piecing together a little device to grow vegetables. It is designed to just grow a single plant to maturity in an ideal environment. My substrate for choice this go around will be a recirculating coco bed drip irrigation (once i get that far)

    All of the pieces to this device were bought at home depot and some of the lighting components were ordered over the internet.

    the five gallon bucket up top holds the extraction fan (dumpster find) that i hooked up to a speed controller. I will have a 2" bed of carbon in the bottom of the bucket which the air will be scrubbed through.

    The negative pressure in the can pulls air through the air vents at the bottom of the can. 6 vents air-cool 6 x 65 watt linear CFL lamps mounted vertically and two vents allow air exchange into the plant grow chamber...

    The lid has a partial "false-top" that reflects light but allows for the air to escape

    The lighting system was sorced over the internet for a total of $150 for ballasts, bulbs, and bulb sockets......
    the kelvin rating is 4100 but i have some 6700K extras laying around that i might run for veg.....each bulb is about $8 and provide 4300 lumens....what is that like about 26,000 lumens hitting in 360 degrees? I can not wait to play around and see what kinds of yield i can achieve

    what do y'all think?

    oh, forgot to mention....the coco will just fill the entire bottom of the can up to about 4" deep and will drain to a pan and pump below. Water will be delivered through the same bulkhead and dispersed with a ring dripper. The coco bed will then be covered with a circle of white up panda cloth.....not sure if this is really a micro grow because the plant will be a decent sized specimen when flowered out....

    baby chamber....


      looking sick cant wait to see what you do in this. do you think that just the extraction fan will be adequate cooling? good luck with everything !
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        the fan moves a shit ton of air and is on a speed controller so i think i should have no worries. When the fan is on "medium speed" it will suck your hand to the intake holes


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            awesome dude!


              do you think there is enough room to do a vertical cylinder scrog? or should i just let it grow unmolested?


                Wow, that looks like a sweet setup! Keep us updated on your progress!

                It looks like it'd be great to either:

                1) Keep it on its side, for a SOG grow or...
                2) Stand it up straight, and just grow one tall plant.


                  Very nice set up inefectualize.I think SOG would be best for your space.
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                    Nice, thats very interesting. I will back to see how it turns out.
                    Best luck

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                      thanks guys i cant wait to get it running. My bulb sockets are on back-order. I will be hitting upwards of 13,000 lumens per square foot. I also think that my fan unit can move enough air on high speed to pull through about 4 of these trash cans. I would like to eventually have four of them each with a plant that is two weeks younger than the next, so it would be kind of a perpetual harvest.
                      The entire thing was built for around $300 with lights and fan. Some of the parts i just had laying around though. I think i will plant a seed right in the middle and see how it goes. First run may just run without vertical scrog to see what a plant will do with that much side lighting. I dont know why these linear CFL's are not used as often as some of the other bulbs, it is a much more efficient way of broadcasting the light and at 8 bucks a piece for 65 watts it is hard to beat!!!
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                        for someone wanting to make one a bathroom extraction fan with a carbon bed under it would work really well and can also be purchased at home depot


                          Wow, that's a neat idea!!!

                          I agree with the vertical cylinder scrog idea, those seem to pull big numbers.


                            I have some pics of a grow-pod that is very helpful in developing grow-pod theories and techniques.....

                            In this case, a single 150 watt HPS bulb is suspended in the center of the pod rather than the lights oriented around the sides of the pod.....notice the use of the chicken-wire which really allows for huge amounts of vegetative growth while simultaneously holding the buds back just far enough so they won't be burned in case they touch the bulb casing.....

                            Long Live the Grow-Pod!!!!!

                            It is high-time everyone had access to a quality grow-pod for under 500 dollars retail.....i swear the pot-ential market for such a product is enormous, because all of the current grow-sheds, grow-boxes, and grow-cabinets are way too expensive and poorly designed IMHO.....

                            We can set up grow-pod threads here so everybody can make one......but soon the day will come when everyone will have access to an amazingly designed, efficient, and affordable grow-pod......ideally it will be adaptable for hydro, aero, or soil-based media and also modular so you could hook up multiple units if you so desired.....

                            kind regards from guineapig


                              that is what i was thinking when i was piecing this together, i wanted to make a shopping list so that anyone could build one.....good work!