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***DrBud Takes CFL SOG to the Next Level***

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    ***DrBud Takes CFL SOG to the Next Level***

    Most have seen my Off-Grid SOG at the was 210 watts of CFL's over 2 sq ft.

    Well things are about to change......

    We must move to town for a coupla' years to take care of some business and now that I will be Back on the Grid I can "Play" with more power.
    I have chosen to stay with my "Get everything from HomeDepot" theme for this set-up also....
    I belive this will Be the LARGEST CFL Grow on Record anywhere

    ***** 1176 Watts of CFL's under Flower at once *****

    First the Boxes are two Oak Desks with the insides removed

    Then after a coats of Primer and some Flat white paint we have....

    And there are 2 of them......

    Each tray holds 6 20oz bottles and 12 trays fit per box.....72 clones per level for a total of 144 Flowering......
    Each level will be 588 Watts of CFL's

    This is what my Strain will do under CFL's in a 20 bottle of my soil mix

    Kinda just makes ya' smile .....
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    Oh wow, this is SO EXCITING


      sweet!!! Gl Dr. Bud, this is gonna be awesome


        Sorry that the country mouse is back in town. ( been there myself ) But glad to hear that the next "stage" can be launched! Thanks for maintaining ur excellent journals!
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        In the field of opportunity its plowing time again...

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          How often do you have to water them and how much nutes?
          Also how many (insert wattage of CFL) bulbs do you use?

          09 Outdoor

          Masterlow Outdoor


            im gonna have to watch this one haha nice

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              Looking forward to seeing this one DrBud!

              Are you gonna run just the Chesaw? or is there gonna be a mixture of strains?
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                omg i'm pulling a chair for this
                Sorry for my BAAAAD english.


                  just sat down with a fat one ..go ahead i am all ears and red eyed...

                  herb weedmen


                    Holy Freakin' God.

                    Looks like yer certainly about to get some business taken care of, couple years worth should be plenty.

                    Anxious to see your boxes finished.


                      I'm wandering, too. You had mentioned in your other thread that you wished you could use HID's again, re:inverters. Now that you can, will you? Or you gonna keeps it realie yo?


                        everyone start busting out your calculators and tape messures it's another DGB thread! lol jks

                        I'm def taggin this thread can't wait for updates. Good luck on the new place!


                          looking good! good luck with everything, and with everything that goes along with the move!!!! cant wait to see this one getting going.
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                            i love CFL's and use em myself, but i think a box that size would really benefit from HPS..
                            -old skool OG refugee

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