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First Grow/Outdoor/BAGSEED

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    hoi, sorry about no update i got lazy!
    anyways, chopped the plants long time ago, out of 3 i only harvested one though. i got lazy towards the end and mold hit the other two bad.

    bud was real good, better then the usual stuff that runs around here on guam. more of a stoney feeling, put me to sleep a couple times haha. buds were semi-dense and the smoke was smooth with citrus taste

    anyways, heres some pics. harvested about an ounce off the plant.

    sorry i dont got a high tech fancy camera to take th ose badass shots, and for the long wait heh. better late then never yeh? shoot guys take it easy
    :dance: :dance: :dance: Grow #1 Outdoor Bagseed :dance: :dance: :dance:


      wow im glad i was able to watch this grow. (lurking) this make me want to grow outdoors badly
      ohwell this just give me time to prepare.

      sorry for bring up an old thread
      saw it in sig
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