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    1. What size are the 90 degree Barbs? Are they the kind of Barbs that would connect in the Fuel system of a Car or something different?

    1/2inch. They can be found in the sprinkler dept. at hardware store

    2. What size is the Drain Pump in the bottom of the controller?

    300gph pump will do the trick, but little bigger or smaller will work

    3. Do I put a 3.5 Gallon Bucket inside of a 5 Gallon Bucket? What's the purpose of doing this?

    Or you can use (2) 2 gallon buckets. The top bucket holds the plant and the medium. The bottom bucket is for draining. The bigger buckets are good for bigger plants

    4. I can't find the Float Switches you've used and the website is not coming up. Do I use pretty much any Horizontal Float Switch and if I do, how do I turn the float around? I've not found anything that would allow me to take it apart and flip the float over (I may not know what I'm looking at either).

    I would just buy one already made. hydroponics(dot)net. You can make it yourself though if you understand how.

    5. Would the 50 Gallon Reservoir be overkill for a 6 bucket setup?

    50 gallons is a good amount. You could get away with less if you need for just 6. Maybe 30-40 gallons. If need be you could even use less


      just got done with my controller and it doesn't work. when the timer kicks on one of the relays will make a loud buzzing sound and you can see sparks! when i lift up the bottom float the other relay will buzz. took it apart 5 times now and im sure the wiring is where it should be. anyone know what i am doing wrong?


        i have made a optimization, i will try to post photos tomorrow.

        i used the lids of the bucket to raise them and added a 10% inclination also putted a L pipe in the water drain of each bucket.

        This way no more water in the buckets.


          If Anyone is looking to build this system this is how I did mine and for damn near the same price and most of the work done why not, For $119 you can order the whole kit with directions and all Check it out


            I used a 6.5 bucket for control (Witch can be found at any local Home Brew Shop they also have a 7.5)


              macgyver shit for sure. i like it!


                Interesting, thank you.