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Shooey Goes Dogging (LemChemCheeseDogs)

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    Shooey Goes Dogging (LemChemCheeseDogs)

    Man A: Really? This again?

    Man2: I know right?... wot a ****! least he had the decency to drop a pip check pic this time ...

    Man A: wtf is a pip check pic?

    Man2: y'kno, a pip check pic? like a pic to check the pips... like germ numbers?

    Man A: wat you talkin bout Willis?

    test grows and other stories

    So, here's some news... 8 out of 11 seedlings standing to attention.. 1 coming up the rear (ahem), 1 showing signs of life but not made it out of the cube yet and one not showing me anything much at all... so far 10/11

    Thanks TT for the reminder

    Grow Notes

    Methodology and Strain Data:

    Lem Chem Cheese Dog Specs:

    Genetics:LemChem (Lemon Larry OG x Chemdog bx2) x CheeseDog (Cheese Exodus cut x Chemdog bx2)
    Type: Hybrid
    Flowering Time: 10-11 weeks (is my guess?)
    Height: uknwn
    Yield: uknwn


    Seedling Stage

    11 seeds were sewn to starter cubes and propagated under 125 watts of blue CFL until fully rooted. So far we have 8 looking nice, one gone a bit wonky, one slow but coming on and one that germs but never made it out of the cube. That could be either it was weak or the cube might have had a fault (like a hard dry bit of something). What we can say though is, that 11 out of 11 germinated.

    Seedlings to be fed Canna Coco A+B @ 0.5ml (per liter) in week 1 and then 1ml + Rhizotonic 1ml week 2 onwards.
    pH 5.8, EC 0.8-1.20

    Veg and Pre Flower Stage

    Plants will be transplanted to 10 liter pots to veg for 2 weeks before being flipped, at which time I'll take some cuttings. Feed at this stage should be Canna Coco A+B 1ml - 1.5ml .
    pH 5.8, EC 1.25-1.50


    All pots will be moved to my DR100 under 600 watts of sodium for the remainder of veg(6-8 days). They'll get flipped when theyre 18-22 inches tall.
    Plants will be fed Canna Coco A+B 1ml-1.5ml plus Sulphos Gold C at 1ml from week 1, up to 3ml in week 3 of flowering, reducing after week 6/7 . At some point we'll also be adding Canna PK 13/14 for 4 days.

    pH 5.8, EC 1.25-2.00 (during PK boost)


    (lets hope we get this far..)
    Flush will be 14 days consisting of GHE Ripen for 10 days and 4 days of straight water.
    pH 5.8, EC as little as possible ...

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    test grows and other stories


      Looking like we have movement

      should be fun

      Peace Bro



        it'll be slow going these first 2 weeks.. it always is... I just hope they stay healthy now and dont show me up too

        thats why I usually start these a few weeks in but theres not much tester movement on this new run so thought I'd get something started
        test grows and other stories


          sure they won't J

          mine won't see the flower room till dec 4th @ 10pm...... see tis booked right up like a posh london hotel

          "thats why I usually start these a few weeks in but theres not much tester movement on this new run so thought I'd get something started"

          i put my thread up as soon as they arrived for that reason!
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            Nice, I will be watching this one...Some of those seedlings look pretty tall/stretchy.


              Your babys want more light. Keep doing this, i see you love it


                It's alive!! Great to see the whole Hatch Match and Dispatch route of a diary. More appreciation looking back over all the weeks once done.

                Good luck J


                  Goin dogging? Ffs j I was expecting some messed up story and all your showing me is a few cute couples ?

                  Where's all the granny vag and midget porn?


                    so, this just in... 100% germination on the Lem Chem Cheese Dogs... one is slow and one is struggling to make it out of the cube but nonetheless, they all popped ...

                    I just potted those with enough roots on to starter pots... coco activated with 0.25ml A+B and pH'd to 5.8...




                    Happy New Homes

                    until the next exciting episode, be lucky
                    test grows and other stories


                      see thats better........ here have a snicker, your not you when your hungry

                      happy new homes indeed



                        Best luck with those small Beauties Jamie

                        My current grow: Headbanger x OPG and C4DD x OPG

                        Growers Of The World - Unite



                          And we're off!


                            Very best of luck with these Jamie,,,,,
                            Great start,,subbed,,,,s2


                              Jemieshoes did you find and breed the gg#4 ? Hooly shit you did it! Ilookforward to learn a lot from you! My full respect for you dude! Best wishes