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Lyons Compassionate Care
Old 10-02-2009, 05:37 PM
Puttin flame to fire
Lyons Compassionate Care
Address: 430 Main St
Lyons, Co,
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Just got back from Estes, and stopped at Lyons Compassionate Care. They had a HUGE list of clones, but the guy working was there on his first day so he didn't have any info about waiting lists or which ones were currently available, he said the cost was $25. He put me down on his e-mail list though so they are supposed to be sending out info weekly or so I guess. They had some very nice looking strains in, including SSH and Cloud 9. But they were broken into and burglarized last night, and the guy said the thieves got away with A LOT of their product.

I ended up not buying anything because they have the HIPPA release forms they ask people to sign, and I don't like trading one right for another. But I talked to the guy for awhile and he was super cool. (they did e-mail me back and said the HIPPA waiver was NOT required.)

Update 9/28/09: I received an e-mail from them listing their clones. I believe the price is $25;
2.Toe Jam
3. Northern Lights #5
4. White Rhino
5. Lambsbread
6. Promise Child (PC)
7. Hawaiian
8. Blueberry Hawaiian
9. Power Plant
10. Sour Diesel
11. Mountain Magic
12. Cadillac Jack
13. Blueberry Jam (Dutch Passion)
14. Purple Kush
15. Strawberry Diesel
16. Heroiana
17. Jack Flash
18. Skunk #1
19. Big Bud (Dutch)
20. Swazi Safari (Flying Dutchmen)
21. Royal Orange (Flying Dutchmen)
22. Royal Orange x Swazi Safari
23.Royal Orange x Skunk #1

Normally orders take a little over a week, however we are currently backed up to about 2 weeks.

All of our clones are guaranteed to be fully rooted, with your choice of growing medium (soil/rockwool).

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Old 10-19-2009, 05:49 AM

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there black domina was really good!!
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