You are given a lump sum of $25,000. What would you do?

Crusader Rabbit

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I'd spend it on something useful, or exchange it for some other form of value. I wouldn't leave it sitting in US dollars though... that era is about to end.


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I would buy a bunch of brick weed. I could get like 1 or 2 hundred pounds around here

god people are dumb.. ya buy some garbage with it.. u might as well light it on fire to stay warm too..

25 grand.. well. if u have a legit job.. and the money is LEGIT. then put a down payment on a house.. grab yourself as much equipment as you can and start a nice grow.. within a year you could make 120 grand..
Probably save it up, reinvest and see if I can get into the medical cannabis dispensary business or at the very least start a much more expansive cannabis seed grow operation and go from there, 25k is a lot of money so I wouldn't spend it all on that of course. A lot of it would be for general living and the rest for a better grow!


things must be cheap as in the usa,lucky to get a fart that cheap down here.


i would get somethink like that for 5 and spend the others on the way



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spend a grand having my jeep motor rebuilt, blow another on my wife for Valentines Day, & go buy a big buffalo ribeye at the butcher shop down the road. the rest goes in a shoe box where the tax man can't get at it...:tiphat: them rainy days come too often at my age.