You are given a lump sum of $25,000. What would you do?


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It's not even the deposit for a starter home. I couldn't do anything useful with just $25,000

St. Phatty

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Pay off the HELOC.

Keep buying lottery tickets in low-population states, when the situation is at or above a positive payout.


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With a windfall like that, put it to good use!

I'm only interested in property. It doubles in value every 12 years. Rental income pays for a property in 12 years. So your 25k share of a house, pays your 25k back, and becomes worth 50k in 12 years. So 25 becomes 75. Though there will be costs, and erosion caused by inflation. It's still 10% growth per year. Which you need not manage yourself.

Lets say you put that 25 in, and get your 75 back. With that, buy 3 more units. That 12 years later becomes 9 units. Roughly speaking, your 25k becomes a 25k yearly income after 25 years.

Or I could buy a vw golf(rabbit), that lasts on average 12 years.

I know where I would rather be in 12 years.

White Beard

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It's not even the deposit for a starter home. I couldn't do anything useful with just $25,000
I just turned down a well-outfitted tour bus in good condition (low miles, too) for lack of $11k. If you can’t do anything useful w/$25k, maybe you’re not really trying.

Whoops - read your follow-up...yeah, that’s a choice - but I’d rather be a pimp than a landlord.


I would get some dental work, buy 1 Bitcoin and go for a roadtrip somewhere.... 25k all gone....


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I'd buy a piece of land, and build a microhome. Also build a couple growsheds with fluence Led. Start a micro propagation setup for breeding hazes, and landrace. Then bless those in the community.


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Turn it into $50 K then $100k and so on and so forth, ,
Best of luck,,,s2

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