You are given a lump sum of $25,000. What would you do?


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Buy a solar panel setup, and build a $0 microhome from scraps. Spend the rest on equipment so I could farm the land thats not being used now. Start a vegan micro-restaurant/produce stand/catering on it from all the stuff I grow, and sell the rest to other restaurants. Start taking care of grandparents on both sides, and start doing community work to build up everyone's life around me.


Leather jacket, gold chain, sneakers, sweats, haircut, prime rib, lager, cryptocurrency, daily fantasy sports, stacks of singles for where the working gals stop and push the "register open" key to work as hard as you want to play, midlife crisis car downpayment. Dump run.

Throw in some flip-flops or mukluks, seasonally appropriate to when the big check comes in.

Pay a couple 45 year-old blind, achy, burned-out single moms $200/# in new Franklins at the end of each day for trim work, cook them lunch and dinner and bring home energy drinks, coffee, groovy leisure foods, and concert tickets.

25k extra is all I need to turn back the clock 12 years, for a week or two.


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right about now ..... 25k would just cover my bills & put me back on top lol
buy a piece of land in north korea, hoping its filled with gold and other natural resources, if that plan fails, i can still cry in peace without anyone hearing about it


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Buy a new BMW S1000rr.. Carbon fiber Akrapovic exhaust, titanium race headers, Bazzaz zfi fuel controller, BMC race air filter, BST carbon fiber rims.. That should about do it..


A brand spanking new USED Ford Ranger, a 315 lec, a supplemental led, a compost tea brewer, a Chapin sprayer, a bunch of Duke Diamond's gear, a true racy trippy sativa, and the rest towards bills


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$25k is not much but it is a bit to me. If it's really clean funds, it'd go in savings and investment for need or a better opportunity.

I'd only need about $5k for a good indoor grow for personal usage then however long it goes cost about $1k a year. Plus seeds.

Outdoors depending on limit I could spend $25k real fast. I also wouldn't mind making biochar and helpijg the local soil fields. But I'm lazy and that is hot work. Not sure how much the really fancy biochar machines cost. I also think of other things.

Best would be invested at this point. I could also use a car. But that is a lot of upkeep as well. My dog is very important and turning 7 this year. So his medical future requires funds.


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I'd buy one of those round the world flight passes and go visit hard (and/or expensive) to reach places like Tonga and Galapagos Islands and thing. See the world and live it up for a while.. Rest of the money I'd save up, hoping to buy a ranch or a farm some day.
I wish that would cover my student loans, but it won't. So why pay a debt I physically cannot complete?? The balance will always generate interest anyways, making it a black hole.

Soooooo I'd buy some land & hockey gear. That way at least I'll have somewhere to live. Because being homeless sucks.


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down payment on a house gthat needs lots of work (i can do it myself) with a big 'ol shop out back. and a creek running through the yard.