Worst looking plant contest!

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We need more contributers to this timeless contest! Come on ya'll don't be shy! You've seen my mistakes!

I'm hoping I won't have shit to post here this year but you never know when that one thing you've never dealt before is going to show up to humble your ass one more time. It's always something. I know behind some of these usernames that post around the boards there is GOLD just waiting to be posted. Reputations just waiting to be slayed in a fit of laughter that will ring around the globe.

You've been officially called upon to compete and never win anything.


Awesome thread, keep the uglies coming.. Think I may have a few from my last grow.

Some Indiana Bubblegum from my last outdoor grow, she pretty and ugly at the sametime. She pretty ugly lol



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Beuhologue what the hell :D never seen such mutated flo! Take a clone from the best healthy looking branch make a mother and she will look normal again ;)


Hi Elanius!

this clone is ditched since long time, the mother was normal, but not really interesting, was purple and throwing ultra yellow namers, beautiful on the purple of calyxes, the grow after the clone start to grow normally and became strange like you see on the pics, ditched just after the pic :s


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