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"A sound collaboration of a select Williams Wonder x Blockhead that exhibited cherry flavor crossed with the famous East Coast Sour Diesel x Ice. These plants have emerald colored leaves that turn purple in colder flowering conditions. The flowers are dense, covered in crystals and have a range of flavors , with the most unique phenos having a “cherry diesel” flavor. Heavy yields."

Quantity Released: 250 Seeds - limited batch, 10 feminised seeds per pack. The pictured flower in the listing is @ 7 weeks, with around a week to go.

Genetic Background: William's Wonder, an old school strain which is not too easy to find in it's original form, was crossed with a Blockhead. An offspring with a distinct cherry flavor was crossed with a heavy yielding East Coast Sour Diesel x Ice. The ECSD x Ice specimen used was selected for its short finish time and heavy resin production.

Production Method: Organic, colloidal silver for feminisation. **Disclaimer: 99.9% female flowers, some male flowers can be expressed during a flower cycle and should be removed for a seed free product**

Growers Tips: These plants are easy to grow, both inside and outside. Things to watch for in seedling stage are damping off, so ensure that your seedlings are kept warm around the rootzone. A heat pad in cold climates in seedling stage is recommended. Vegetative stage is no fuss, plants grow fast. They respond very well to fimming and topping, for the extra bushiness. At switch of lights to flower cycle or outdoor seasonal change, the higher the humidity, the greater the stretch. For those in colder climates, these plants will not stretch as much and will be more compact. In warmer and more humid environments there is a significant stretching. Once into flower, these plants thrive with supplemented P & K, over and above base nutrients. In perfect environments, they will become top heavy around 49 days and may start to fall over. Secure fastening to avoid broken branches is recommended. Generally, most phenos are mold resistant. Maximum flower time is 63 days, with most phenos finished by 56 days, some done as early as 49 days.