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Whurkle (White Urkle x Emperor Kush) - D420 Stock (Carpe Diem)

So when D420 released the Emperor Kush fathered line of hybrids, I picked up both the White Fire x Emperor Kush and White Urkle x Emperor Kush. Both are amazing crosses, especially with this parental lineage.

The White Urkle proved to be a true keeper though, my phenotype of choice I dubbed 'Whurkle OG' for it's dominance of Urkle traits while still maintaining the White's THC profile and a high remarkably close to OG with a slight bit more of an Indica effect that still retains the clear tapering off of the high.

This baby girl proved to be a true keeper, being one of my favorite and still running nearly a year or so after I first ran a pack of 20. Although there was many great phenotypes, this proved the best except it isn't exactly a fast vegger (Urkle trait), but it's purped OG taste and perfumed OG smell, show this is something amazing and it's blue and purple coloring traits are just plain beautiful.

So here's some pics for ya of my beautiful Whurkle keeper - Enjoy!

Seize the Day! - While I keep the Whurkle going..


Looks very nice. People are sleeping on D420's gear. The stuff I've flowered has been world class. Nice score with that Whurkle pheno.
Thanks dramamine - I must say it is sad to see that so many people didn't get in on the D420 action, as a private breeder, he proved to be one of the best in the underground-biz. Very stable results from the entire Emperor line. I wish I could have grabbed the White Bubba x Emperor though, missed out on it and always regretted it.

D420 was bringing some amazing genetics to the table. Honestly I wish there would be some new hybrids on the way, but I haven't heard to much since the Flamethrower line was released.

In fact, I plan on using the White Fire x Emperor to start my WiFi line of hybrids and as a starting point for my White Fire IBL, especially since the genetics are 75% Chemdawg based and especially with Loompa's Headband being such a rare treat, it's one of the best Chem lines outside of the true East Coast Chem Lines (Snowdawg, ECSD, Daywrecker (Headband), Chem's Sister, etc.) except for 25% splash of 'The White' which didn't really influence the high from any of the lines to much, it mainly upped the trichrome profile.

Planning on making some F2's of both the Whurkle and the White Fire lines, but I found some amazing males that I'm going to start testing here soon, Hoping to find a close match to my White Fire to start the BX1 of White Fire and create a line of hybrids that should prove to be Chem-heaven, considering it truly is one of the best hybrid lines anyway you slice it. Big-ups to D420 and hopefully I can isolate and bring the Whurkle-clone into seed form and out to the public in the next year or so.